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» Sunday, June 18, 2017
Just Another Weekend...Sort Of

It's been a quiet weekend: nothing much going on, but not much to write about. We slept in Saturday morning, after staying up late to watch more Star Blazers on Friday night. James walked Tucker, and then after breakfast went to his club meeting. I decided to go check out something at Home Depot, but on the way, dumped a Xerox paper box full of working, useful, but unwanted odds and ends I wanted out of the house (timers, a Christmas card holder, etc.) and the books we couldn't get rid of at McKay's last year at Goodwill. (I was amused to note our neighbor Dave was ahead of me in line.) I also stopped at Big Lots and got a cheap bookcase to replace the old microwave cart downstairs that is an auxiliary pantry. The cart is too wide for the narrow hallway and I want it gone.

I appeared to have arrived at Home Depot at the same time everyone else did. Seriously, it was like a convention. I didn't find what I was looking for there, and went on to Barnes & Noble with an eye to spending one last coupon, but I didn't see anything, and the books I was looking at were just making me depressed. I went home feeling low, and pretty much ruined the rest of the afternoon by forgetting myself and biting down too hard on my bad tooth while I ate lunch. I didn't see stars, I saw planets, asteroids, and a couple of galaxies. I had to run in the bathroom and put on some Ambesol in a hurry, and eventually took some ibuprofin and lay down. Luckily James called on his way home and was willing to detour to Dragon 168. The fried rice was easy on my tooth, and it really didn't hurt for the rest of the night...well...

It didn't hurt in the evening. We finished up watching Star Blazers and then I put on Watership Down, which I hadn't watched in years. Still mesmerizing and exquisite, especially the beautiful watercolor backgrounds. James wandered downstairs to work in the man cave for a while (he's watching Man in the High Castle) and I finished up with Hazel, Fiver and company and watched A Dog of Flanders. I had bought the newly-released DVD when it came out, but had not yet seen it. This was not only the first time this 1959 film had been on DVD, but the first time I was getting to see it in its original aspect ratio. I've only previously seen pan-and-scan version; this was a popular movie that usually ran on TV during Christmas vacation or during other school holidays. I have to say I was pleased! It's not only a sweet, leisurely film about a boy, his dog, and the boy's artistic ambitions, but it was filmed on location in Belgium and Holland, so it has a real European look that looks fabulous in widescreen. David Ladd is very solemn and earnest as young Nello, and the "dog of Flanders" is played by "Spike," who was Old Yeller in Disney's film.

I had quit using the mint rinse the dentist gave me over a week ago because the cinnamon oil in it burned the dickens out of my tongue. Now that my tongue was healed I planned to go back to it but use it for fifteen seconds instead of thirty. Not only was fifteen seconds still too long–it burned my tongue the minute it hit my mouth–but my teeth were fine until I used it. Once I got into bed the bad tooth and the two next to it started to burn and hurt. I had to drag out of bed and put on Ambesol and take some ibuprofin. Let's say I wasn't very alert in the morning.

We were up a little earlier this morning so we could go to Costco. The place was mobbed even though we got there only twenty minutes after opening. Picked up milk, popcorn, and a few other things, and were able to escape reasonably fast. We just dropped what we bought off at home and swapped vehicles; I needed gasoline and decent bread for lunches, so the only solution was going to Kroger on Dallas Highway. We went there for bread, almonds, and a large pill container, and as always, ended up with a bit more.

That was it. We came home and put everything up, I put away the spare filter for the air conditioner and tidied up a few other things, then put on some quiet music to sit and read to. At five we watched Colour Confidential successfully, had chicken breast in mixed greens/oranges/almonds oriental salad, and resigned ourselves to the news and Guy's Grocery Games. However, have found Aerial New Zealand. An escape from network television.

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