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» Sunday, June 11, 2017
Discount Mavens

We were up last night so late watching the exploits of Mark Venture—LOL, sorry, Star Blazers—that we didn't get up until almost eleven. Accordingly we got dressed and just skipped breakfast. We had to finish the shopping and I wanted to use some coupons at JoAnn.

For food we went by Wendy's for a burger each and then headed up to Town Center. James needed gasoline for the truck before anything, and our jaws dropped when we detoured to Costco and found almost no one in line for gas. Usually the Costco gas lines are backed up six ways to Sunday. Then we went to JoAnn. With half price coupons I am always after things for the house and we bought Command stuff with it: two things to organize the bathroom, some cable holders, and a razor holder to use for a remote control.

Then we had about an hour for fun and went to Barnes & Noble. James got Cary Elwes' book about the making of The Princess Bride and I bought Their Finest, a British World War II novel about the propaganda office (Dani recommended it on her blog) and Pioneer Girl Perspectives, essays about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Still got one coupon left each! Annoying, the clouds that had made this morning so nice had vanished and that nasty old sun was back. The only good thing about this was that the sky was full of lovely, pillowy clouds white as snow against sky blue.

Finally it was Kroger time. We went by the list, which was stuff on sale, and didn't have to stay long.

At home I settled in for a Sunday relax while James solved a couple of thorny problems. He ordered a book from Amazon which was supposed to arrive on the 6th, but has never come. The tracking number online only said that it had left the distribution center on May 31, and that's where it ended. So after trying to trace it through the post office led to a dead end, he just called Amazon, and they have dispatched a new book. The other one was a little funny: I mentioned he bought a new desk chair last night. Well, what showed up on Flipp this morning in the Office Max flyer? They now had it on sale as a Sunday doorbuster for $53 less! He called them up and they said they would price match. So we ran over there and got his $53 back. Very much worth the time, even if I did miss a Colour Confidential.

James has been having fun with the grill burner on the new stove, and we've already had lamb steaks and pork chops on it; one night when my tooth was hurting badly he grilled me a turkey burger. Tonight he tried grilling the pork rib bits we bought at Nam Dae Mun. They came out good, but not best. I think they could have used a marinade to make them a little more moist. I'm looking forward to more grill experiments! Maybe we will also have griddle experiments? Buckwheat pancakes anyone? 😀

Finishing out the evening by watching the Tony Awards. Richard Thomas was nominated for a Tony! He didn't win, but he was at the ceremony looking quite attractive in a beard. Scott Bakula still looking quite nice these days! Kevin Spacey did a really fun opening number, and the musical Come From Away (about the residents of Gander, Newfoundland, who took in the stranded airline passengers after 9/11) looks really cool. Ruben Santiago-Hudson, who was Captain Montgomery on Castle, was also nominated in a directing role. How great for him he was doing something worthwhile during that final miserable season.

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