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» Sunday, June 25, 2017
Chores in Living Color

It was a quiet, albeit busy Sunday. We were up until two, so we slept until 9:30, at least, and James walked Tucker, and we had breakfast. Then we got to work: James had to replenish his supply of breakfast burritos. He used to make them with tortilla wraps, but they were actually too fragile. He now uses the Toufeyan wraps (low sodium, low carb) you get at Publix and fills them with egg, diced tomato in various flavors or Rotel, and low fat ground beef and/or turkey. Sometimes he'll make it with low salt turkey and low salt ham that Boar's Head makes. A couple of weeks ago he made some like egg rolls in a burrito, with bean sprouts and cabbage.

I scrubbed out both bathrooms thoroughly except for just sweeping the floor and not washing it, and then I went downstairs to put together the little bookcase I bought at Big Lots (ironically, it's on sale this week). I noticed it has the little lock screws like the bookcases at Ikea! Once I finished with it, I replaced the old microwave cart in the hallway that's holding various surplus canned goods and cereals with it and stocked it up. It holds more and doesn't stick out as much.

I'm hoping to give the cart to someone who needs it, as well as the two surplus office chairs we have. They're pretty battered, but someone could  use them until they got something better, or put them out in the garage or a "she shed" or carport without worrying if they got messed up. None of them are really good enough for Goodwill; I'm thinking of them as merely "interim furniture" until someone can afford something better.

Got upstairs to find James finishing the last burrito; he still had to put them in bags! I made the bed and started gathering the trash and finally soothed my aching back by lying down.

Sooner than I knew it, it was time for Colour Confidential. Ion Life wasn't coming in too well, but I got to see most of the two episodes. I love Jane Lockhart's color wheel. That's her "gimmick, the color wheel with the boxes, but I love how it works. She fills each of the boxes with something that relates to the person/people she's designing for. Both guys in the second show loved cars, so her color wheel was full of car-related colors and things for cars (a yellow scrub-brush, a blue dolphin air freshener to hang from the rear view mirror, an orange model car, etc.). The previous lady was a teacher, so she had yellow pencils, red crayons, etc. Jane will ask which colors attract their attention and then she tells them how that color will make the room feel (small, large, warm, cool, etc.). Other palettes have featured food (for people who liked to cook), photography equipment (for a pro photographer), sports-related items, etc. Always loved watching her do this.

After a couple of hours cooking burritoes, James didn't want to cook. We had Chinese takeout and finally settled on Science channel and Mythbusters.

And now time to turn the alarms back on. Indeed, the saddest moment of Sunday.

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