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» Friday, June 02, 2017
All the Projects in a Row

Well, the dentist trip yesterday was both a success and a bust. Did make it through the dentist, but did not get the whole deep cleaning of my left side done. The x-rays alone took a while. The "deep cleaning" was nothing. I lay there and grunted occasionally as nasty calc was removed from my teeth as Julie the dental hygienist chipped at it and then used the sonic gadget that sprays water. My big problem was the painkiller. I had told them I'd never had novocaine so they used gel. It worked great. Too great. Some of it got down my throat and I felt like I couldn't swallow (and by extension, couldn't breathe) and I had a nice little panic attack there for about ten-fifteen minutes.

So Julie couldn't do my top left quadrant, only the bottom, and even then she had run 15 minutes over into the next appointment. Oh, and they warned me this gel tasted disgusting, and boy were they right! It was worse than Beverly, and that is a singularly nasty taste experience. If you've ever used Ambesol and thought that tasted bad, this makes Ambesol taste like dessert. It's got lidocaine in it and is it bitter!

(It's like I imagined Baytril would taste when the vet told us about it. Back when we had Merlin, he got very sick and I had to medicate him through an eyedropper with this animal antibiotic called Baytril. The vet said to add something sweet to it--I used lemon-lime Kool Aid because Merlin loved it--because it was very bitter. I said jokingly "How do you know," and the vet said that in veterinary school they had to taste every single oral medication they gave to animals so they would have an idea how the animal might react when given it! You haven't seen anything until you've seen a budgie spitting up what you just gave him with a black look in his eye. 😀 )

So came home from the appointment disappointed, but at the same time still glad I made myself sit down and have the bottom left teeth cleaned. She offered me an out three times, but no time would be any better, and I already had my lower jaw numb. And, as I said, her cleaning down there didn't bother me. I might have fallen asleep if it went on much longer.

Unfortunately I still can't chew right. And the next appointment they had was July!

Worked before and after the appointment and had soup for supper and was quite prepared for a nice long sleep this morning. I got up before nine, though. Did a bit of cleanup in the kitchen while I boiled water for oatmeal, had breakfast, walked the dog, brought paper towels upstairs. And then I worked on A Project, relating to a post a week ago talking about the lights formerly on our deck ("My idea was to take a string of big bulb (C-9) clear Christmas lights (bought at Hobby Lobby after the holidays at a discount) and hang them between the uprights on the deck, so it will light the deck and the back yard as well."). I basically took the new string of lights, the timer we got at Lowes, a wire cutter, and a reel of gold floral wire, and went outside and put them up, under the top rail and between every other baluster. Every fifth bulb I put one colored light to give it a little pizzazz. I also swept off the deck, and then went down to the yard to clean up the birdseed bags and other junk I had thrown down (this wasn't me being hyperclean; I had to do it, as I dropped my cutting plier off the top rail ).

Spent the afternoon reviewing books and watching "This Week in Tech." James actually got out on time and we had supper at Tin Drum. (I ate a very small lunch of toast and butter to save my "chewing" for a teriyaki bowl. Luckily the beef was very tender.) Then we went across the street to Barnes & Noble where (yay!) the new "Breathe" and "Bella Grace" were out. James also found me the cutest thing: a nanoblock budgie!

Our last stop was Publix, and by the time we got home it was full dark and I flipped the switch and told him to turn around. Voìla—or "viola," as Snagglepuss used to say—and the porch was lit.

On Facebook today we had been discussing the semi-documentary Men Into Space 1950s television series, and we found that on YouTube and watched the first two episodes. Very slow-moving, almost reverential series that tried to get the science as true as possible. Although we had to giggle about the crew getting to the moon and back in two days. As this played, I assembled the budgie. Dropped tiny parts twice—these are like mini-Legos—but finally got the little guy built. He looks like this. There's also a blue one and a yellow one.

Lastly I found the first episode of My Favorite Martian on YouTube. I don't think I'd ever seen it.

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