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» Friday, June 16, 2017
All the Maintenance in a Row

Well, it was a busy week around here (and that didn't count work). The exterminator showed up on Tuesday to hopefully keep the ants at bay this year, and the filters for the air conditioner which were expected on Tuesday had already come on Sunday (the A/C tech told me bluntly when we had the new HVAC system installed that it would be cheaper if we bought our filters online than having them supply it), and then Thursday the HVAC system got inspected (the hypoallergenic filters cost $138 for two on Amazon; they would have charged us $100 to replace the one). The tech turned down the humidity as low as he could; he said it would make it feel cooler and should be better for the system. Way later on the repairman from AT&T turned up (finally, after they'd sent me a text saying they weren't coming) and we have a dial tone on the landline again. It's been gone for two weeks as far as we know; since the DSL never dropped out we didn't realize until I picked up a receiver one day. There was a short in the box outside.

So I was perfectly ready to sleep in this morning. The alarm went off at 8:30 and I told Alexa to shut off the alarm, and then the bed reached its soft blankety arms around me and I conked out for another half hour.

After breakfast and perambulation of the pooch, I went into Buckhead to visit the Barnes & Noble there. I have one more 20 percent off coupon and wanted to see if there was anything good to use it on. Didn't find anything for it, but did get an odd looking paperback cozy mystery about a family with a skeleton in their house (literally; it's sentient) that helps solve its own murder (I know; it sounded so wild I had to read it) and a new issue of "Best of British."

Picked up lunch at Tin Drum on the way home. Called James while I was eating; he had an appointment at Hanger (his orthopedic shoe place) at two-thirty and I wanted him to swing by to pick me up. We got to Hanger without incident and the technician agreed that James' shoes should not have so much wear on them after only a month (and he really only walks the dog in them). Both of the toe areas are fraying and there is already a hole in the left one. The shoes are still under warranty and they are ordering another pair for him, with hard sides instead of soft ones.

When we got done there James picked up a burger at Martin's (he hadn't had lunch and it was nearly three) and then we went on to Publix. Once all the groceries were put up it was already time to head up to Town Center for supper.

We ate at Fried Tomato Buffet again because it's about the cheapest supper we can get and on Friday night they have shrimp. Their fried shrimp have a very nice, light, crunchy coating. Plus I had cucumber salad and olives. But we saw the darn rudest thing when we came out: someone had gone in one of the stores and bought a vacuum cleaner and what looked like an air purifier or portable air conditioner. Evidently the boxes didn't fit in their car, because they had emptied out the boxes and left them behind the car next to them and gone on their way!

I had a Michael's coupon, so James sat in the truck and I ran in. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I wasn't about to waste a coupon, so I bought another watercolor pad. James wanted to check out the new Hobby Lobby—beats me why they abandoned a perfectly good new building near the JoAnn and the Michaels to move a mile or so away into a newer building—so we did. I used their coupon to buy a larger set of watercolor pencils (they're Sargents, though; not sure how good they are), some water pens to use with them, and blending pencils. We walked the whole store, though, and we saw signs of Christmas being put out: wreaths, big bows, ribbons, some picks, some craft parts (they have stickers of dogs in Santa suits; one of them is a collie—I must get one set), ornaments. And new aisles of fall! I hugged garlands to make me feel better about summer.

Spent the evening watching Star Blazers again.

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