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» Monday, May 29, 2017
Quiet Monday

So it was a quiet Memorial Day. We got eight hours sleep, then had breakfast and went to Walmart, where we finally returned James' pants. They didn't have his size in the George pants, so we tried another brand and they didn't fit. I got some shorts for wearing in the house, and we bought some sugar-free candy, and James picked up some cole slaw and bean sprouts for a different kind of burrito (szuchuan style), and I bought wild bird seed. As we drove home, we noticed the clouds were building up from the west.

So once we got the groceries put up and I refilled the bird feeders, Tucker and I went down to the dog wash at Petco and he got all nice and shiny and soft again. There were no other customers and Tucker was very good while I soaped and rinsed and brushed (I got two currycombs of hair off him). The clouds were thicker when we left, and it had already rained a little when we got home although it wasn't raining at that time.

SundanceTV was having a M*A*S*H marathon and we basically watched that for the rest of the afternoon and evening. We had chicken and wild rice for supper and a slice of chocolate loaf cake for dessert.

Major trouble getting Tucker to go out tonight, because people are popping fireworks outside since dusk started to fall. He stood pathetically at the top of the stairs with his ears back, his left forepaw up, and his eyes big, dark and liquid, and I had to coax him outside. He stopped and looked every time he heard a pop, and tried to turn back a couple of times, but I praised him when he went on and coaxed when he didn't, and we got around, and he even "helped" me take out the trash. Must get those calming pills at Petco before the Fourth. The cashier says they do work; the poor woman lives near the Monstrosity and they do fireworks after the ball games and her dog goes crazy. They have chamomile and other soothing herbs in them.

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