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» Friday, May 26, 2017
O Happy, Happy Weekend!

It's been a fat bitch of a week at work, with nothing much going right with any of my orders. I simply loathe writing price justifications. I'd rather clean out filthy toilets. At least when I got done they would be clean and not still hanging around like vultures.

So when the powers above gave us 59 minutes leave and then a further 59 minutes, I happily signed off (after getting at least one order doneā€“but not, sadly, the price justification) at 2:02, and sat down and watched Sunday's "The Tech Guy," to Snowy's utter delight (he sang through the entire show) and did some book reviews. Then I took a nap until James got home (about an hour). Remember when you were three and never wanted a nap? How you would have gaped back then to know someday you would crave it!

I woke up with my stomach growling. We had supper at Fried Tomato Buffet because you can eat as many shrimp as you like. (Unfortunately they're fried; I'd prefer grilled, but you have to pay beaucoup bucks for that sort of meal.) Plus one hush puppy, a cup of black olive slices, and a cup of tomato and cucumber salad.

On the way home we made a brief stop at 2nd and Charles in the vain hope that they might have some of the Robert Ryan Dr. Watson thrillers. I'm reading the first one and love it, and now want the rest. No dice. I got a funny book called Humbug! about Christmas grumps for $2.

And then we had ice cream at Baskin-Robbins and came home and watched Star Wars. We still have the old DVD set that came out for the first time in widescreen, that had the films after George Lucas went in and meddled with them (adding Jabba and Biggs, and appending A New Hope onto the first film), but the set also came with the films as originally seen in the theatres (letterboxed rather than anamorphic). We watched that to celebrate the 40th anniversary yesterday. Quality is rather bad after watching the remastered and then Blu-Ray versions, but nice to see Han shoot first!

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