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» Saturday, April 08, 2017
Wall-to-Wall Paneling

Oh, that burns me up! I found out yesterday when I got home that the convention goers didn't have to pay for parking; you could get your parking ticket validated at the desk. All you had to do was show your badge to hotel staff! Nice of you to tell people, Marriott.

Plus, last night I asked a hotel employee if they still had the breakfast bar for the convention. He told me no, the breakfast bar was only during the week. So I ate breakfast at home with James, which was perfectly fine with me, got to the hotel, and discovered—guess what, breakfast bar! When I went to the desk to get the ticket validated I made sure to tell the young woman on duty that they lost a customer that day. Apparently this is new management at the hotel and they are so inefficient that 221B is going elsewhere next year. Unfortunately, to accommodate those who take MARTA and who fly in, they're going to a hotel near the airport. That is a long, lonely drive.

So we were up at eight, I got stuff together, I had oatmeal, toast, yogurt, and milk, I walked the dog, and then I was off. Instead of going to Costco I paid the extra 14 cents a gallon and got gasoline at RaceTrac.

This was the rest of the day; I'll catch it up later:

"The Worst Sherlock"

"Canon 101"

"World Building for Writers"

"Media Adaptations"


"Female Detectives"

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company presented four different stories: a funny short about a guy at the DMV, "Paranormal Investigations" part 4 with a cat protagonist, The Crimson Hawk: "The Widow's Web," and another short, "Multiverse Travel."

"Granada Holmes" (Jeremy Brett's Holmes)

"Stories Through Sound" (ARTC talking about making radio drama)

and finally "Arthur 'Continuity' Doyle."

And more damn traffic coming home even though I left early.

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