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» Friday, April 21, 2017
Ping-Pong Friday

Nearly 10,000 steps just doing errands today!

Up at eight, ate breakfast, walked the dog, stripped the bed, then:
  • CVS with 30 percent off coupon; headbands and Breathe Rights
  • Kaiser to pick up thyroid medication; they were the quickest stop—my scrip was ready before I finished in the ladies' room
  • Visionworks to get my current pair of glasses straightened and to get the spare pair fixed. Guess what; the salesman lied to me (surprise—not!). The "insurance" on the glasses only lasted one year. He told me it was for the life of the glasses. However, they had the same frames in stock, so she gave me 40 percent off because I had AAA, and they just popped the old lenses in the new frames
  • The bank for cash
  • The library booksale at the Northside Library; I found exactly one book (this is a small book sale; sometimes they have lots of goodies and sometimes none), The Oxford Companion to Children's Books (which has exactly six lines about John Verney—humph!)
  • Tin Drum for lunch (I had credit, so I ate for $3) and reading of same book
  • Petco with my $10 off $30 coupon; the dog food was on sale, so I was able to get two bags of it, some dog treats, and even millet for Snowy, all for $22
  • Costco for gasoline
  • The post office to mail Emma's (late) birthday gift 
When I got home I put the bedclothes in the washer, and then took a nap!

Before James got home I took Tucker out for another walk, put the bedclothes in the dryer, and put the fresh sheets and the comforter back on the bed.

We had supper at Uncle Maddio's and then did the shopping at Sprouts (some nice meat deals, Vidalia onions, and even Italian wedding soup for Sunday supper) and Publix (twofers, turkey thighs, yogurt, and assorted goodies). Once the groceries were put up, we took Tucker out one last time, and viola (as Snagglepuss would say), lots of steps.

Now I'm ready for bed.

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