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» Sunday, April 09, 2017
Learning and Leaving Holmes

Second verse, same as the first: I still ate at home. Saved me the money I spent in the Dealer's Room, and I'll get much longer satisfaction out of that. (It did say there was a buffet in the program book. So why didn't the hotel employees know that?)

Today's schedule (details later):

"From Christie to Reichs: Famous Female Detective Writers"

"Baker Street Babes Podcast," in which they interviewed guest writer Michael Powell (who has spoken to Ray Bradbury and once talked for an hour to Dame Jean Doyle)


"Fandom Studies"

"Beyond Wikipedia" (research sources)

"Cabin Pressure, A-Z" (all about our favorite radio airline, MJN Air)

"Our Last Bow," the wrap-up panel, in which the con staff takes a bow and people air grievances. Still a request for panelists' names to be on the schedule, so people know if friends will be on the panel. I know a lot of the panelists do not use their own names because their fannish interest conflicts with their job/home life, but put their screen names. Also one panelist complained about being filmed although filming isn't allowed. I didn't realize there was an incident in 2015 where two different factions had a conflict at the convention which was filmed and posted on YouTube, showing one of the panel members breaking down and crying. How rude!

Anyway, new hotel is near the airport, apparently freshly remodeled by con time, four different restaurants from casual to formal, plus a "fresh bar" and they will have a food truck on the weekend. Long drive. We'll see.

Home to my family! Snowy sang, Tucker jumped up to be petted, and James fed me chicken and wild rice soup from Publix. He'd repaired the broken towel rack in the bathroom, cleaned the stove, and bought lots of goodies for future meals. Watched America's Funniest Home Videos and then Call the Midwife, with a Little couple expecting a child, and also the story of a new father who was blinded in a warehouse accident, and Patsy making the decision to go home to her dad, who is dying.

We were both crying at the end.

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