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» Sunday, April 30, 2017
Only One New Broom...

Needless to say, we slept in this morning. In fact, James was so wiped out after the sunfest at the Jonquil Festival, even though he improved by suppertime, I'm not sure he wanted to go out at all today. He took the dog out for his morning "airing" and I started doing things to get ready for work tomorrow (sorting pills, etc.), and then after breakfast I attacked another one of those darned frogs. We usually bring carefully portioned snacks with us to conventions (usually to go along with the lunches that we pack) to keep from having to spend $$$$ and buy more sugary/salty pick-me-ups. If we go on vacation with the car we also take these snacks, especially if we rent a cabin or get a room with a kitchenette.

Unfortunately we've had some snacks that have hung around too long. I went to the big bags they have been stored in at the back of the spare room closet (to keep them cool and dry) and tossed out the oldest stuff. I kept the newer crackers and Goldfish and the craisins, plus the twofer Nabisco 100-calorie packs we bought this weekend. Hopefully those are okay. Everything else went. I had to put new rubber bands around the wrapping paper rolls that are too tall to go into the wrapping paper containers, but now they're corralled again as well.

I did a bit more arranging in the craft room as well, and the baker's twine is officially concatenated in one place. Figured out a way to arrange the new paintbrushes I bought. The next thing to do (gulp!) is start attacking the shelves one by one. That should be fun. Not. But it's clear enough to properly work in again.

James needed gasoline and I wanted to go to the dollar store looking for that cheap broom for the deck. So we did go out. We stopped at Dollar General, where I discovered to my chagrin that they have stopped carrying scrubs, which I've used for hanging-around clothes in the fall. 😞 I did find the broom and I bought some sewing needles, because I've been darning things for the last  year with one last, bent sewing needle. James picked up some sugarless candy, but he didn't get much. I asked if he wanted to go to Dollar Tree, and he said he didn't mind.

So we limped around Dollar Tree a bit, where he picked up some different sugarless candy, and I bought more face soap. We had passed H.H. Gregg, which is closing—this is very sad, because nearly every appliance in the house is from Gregg (the fridge, the washer, the dryer, this television and the previous one) and we much preferred them to (yuck) Best Buy—and James uttered the fateful question: do you want to see what's left?

A half-hour later we came out having bought a new range. It's the one we looked at, the Samsung flex duo, with the double oven. It has a griddle burner and a wok attachment, and was marked down from an unmentionable price to one that equals the other convection gas ranges we looked at. Of course, the delivery, the installation, the kit for the installation all upped the price, and I got the extended warranty (which is not through Gregg, and Clark Howard says they are not worth it, but with these appliances being electronic now, anything can go wrong, and it's one thing not to have a working television, but a working stove is not a good thing). Well, that's what the tax refund is for and the remainder can go toward the HVAC system and James' extra pair of shoes (he has to have them hand-made and Kaiser will only pay for one pair; he's getting a simpler pair for dog-walking). We had to buy the range today so they would deliver it by Friday (the final day they do deliveries), and as many reviews as I've read of these things, I read more before we started the purchase process. Most of the bad reviews were about the electric/induction version.

Anyway, I hope it's good. Our friend Shari loves her new Samsung range, which is similar to the one we picked out.

And, then, rather bemused at ourselves (we only went out for a broom and gasoline, after all), we went by Kroger (after scoping out Costco and goggling at the line snaking out the entrance from the pumps) for the gasoline and ended up home. Finished getting ready for work, patched James' pants so he could wear them to work (and put a crease in them to boot), and finally washed the new jeans he bought in Cleveland during Atomicon.

After re-tuning in the television for broadcast channels last night, Ion Life managed to come in sort of good enough so we could watch Colour Confidential, a series we used to love on HGTV (still too many drop outs when it was perfect yesterday). The hostess allows the homeowners to pick the colors of the room she is redecorating with a color wheel geared to their interests, and shows them which colors will emphasize things and which will tone down things. I've never seen a Colour Confidential room that came out badly, although several of them weren't the colors I would have wanted.

Had a big salad and the last of the turkey meat from Christmas for dinner, then watched the weather report and ran to James' office to pick up his laptop. If we get the gully-washer of rain they are predicting, James won't be able to take the chair out in it. This was nice to drive open-windowed in, but when I had to walk Tucker afterwards, it was breathless and humid. So we didn't end up watching Call the Midwife until nine o'clock, with a very sweet plot about a high-functioning Downs syndrome young man who came to live with Bert and Vi, and also about a mother-to-be who had rotten teeth and was afraid of dentists. The dentist is very handsome and evidently has his eye on Trixie! Also, a classic quote from Sister Monica Joan and a very sober look into what Sister Mary Cynthia has been going through in the mental hospital.

And now all of a sudden it is bedtime again, and Sunday night again. I hate Sunday nights most of all.

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