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» Sunday, April 16, 2017
Easter Ease

It was a lovely, relaxing day. We slept until ten (of course we didn't go to bed until two, so it wasn't the sleep-in you might think). James walked Tucker whilst I sorted my meds for the week, then we had breakfast and I put on EWTN where the Stations of the Cross droned in the background while I tried to make order out of chaos. I finally got the winter decorations put up—yes, I've been slothful, but I just haven't had the heart or the time to take it all down (and puzzle-piece it back into the box, which is the most difficult part)—and put up the spring decorations, which are easy, because there are only a large clear shoebox of them. I'm afraid that I just can't get all het up about spring, except for the filigree-type china sheep. I also got the Christmas gifts off the hearth and put where they belonged. We'd completely forgotten we received a Regal Cinemas gift certificate; we could have gone to see Rogue One after all. Oh, well, I am off tomorrow, so maybe I can pick it up then. Someone—maybe it's Target—has it for $20 on BluRay.

At noon we watched Easter Mass from the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in DC. Much beauty and pageantry, and a lovely service. They are having a new dome installed with what looks like an absolute magnificent mosaic on it. Afterwards we watched Easter things: the Addie Mills story The Easter Promise, Here Comes Peter Cottontail, and finally Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

We had shrimp grilled in butter/garlic/chive sauce and linguine for supper, but we skipped the dessert. Somewhere during the afternoon I brought out our Lindt chocolate bunnies and both of us ate the whole thing, so we had our dessert before our supper. 😀 The chocolate silk mini-pies will have to wait till tomorrow or a more prosaic meal.

We watched Make Room for Daddy as well. I think James is quite enjoying them, although some are better than others. One story about Terry's friend who had neglectful parents was very pointed along with the humor, but the one about Danny thinking Kathy will be jealous of a woman appearing with him in Pittsburgh was kinda eh. And the finally it was time for Call the Midwife, in which we learned Sister Ursula's motivation, which explained a lot about why she was so strict and bitter. I felt quite bad for her by the time she left. She had forgotten she was there to serve Him and not "them."

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