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» Saturday, April 29, 2017
Broiled and Barbecued
The year has made its half turn and it was time again this weekend for the Smyrna Jonquil Festival. This year, providentially, it was not also Hair Day, so we could go when they opened today. The Sunday hours start at noon and, with the temps being so high this week (in the range of 80°F), we wanted to be walking in as cool temperatures as possible.

This was fine in theory, but it didn't really work out. We got up at eight, James walked the dog, we ate breakfast, and we got there by 9:55. Sadly, 9:55 a.m. was already a sweaty, nasty hot day, and we walked around and enjoyed the vendors, but our bodies didn't very much enjoy the experience. We said hi to "the Button Girl," who is now a very tall young lady, and looked over scented soaps, homemade jewelry, dip mixes, dog treats, cute grandchild clothes, hand-carved wooden pens, etc. Unfortunately, the people we wanted to be there, the Smack-Yo-Mama barbecue sauce folks, weren't. We're completely out of their Georgia Gold and Big Kahuna (with pineapple) sauce. Ah, well. We went past the greyhound rescue and the Kiwanis Vidalia onion sale, and bought a couple of books off the library (H is for Hawk for me and Slow Food for him), plus some carpenter bee traps (they're after our deck), and pickled vegetables.

I wanted to go by Sam's and then Office Max, the latter which had a label maker on sale. I really, really need to whip the craft room into better shape; I've done a little tidying around my art desk, but that's it. I have baker's twine in three different places, and don't remember where other things are. But when we got to Sam's, they had the same label maker on sale, with two cartridges. The cartridges are the expensive part, so the Sam's deal was great. Plus I found a set of 20 different colors Flair pens for only $10. Cool! Also bought a "Where Women Create" magazine, since it was almost affordable here, plus milk, sugarless gum, cheese for James, and Asian salad mix for Sunday supper.

The sun was beating down on that Sam's parking lot relentlessly, and by the time James got home he was light-headed and sick to his stomach. He drank something cold and sat down and gradually got better. I was pretty hot myself, with sweat trickling down my spine in a regular flow, but I wasn't as whacked out by the heat as I usually am. I spent the time while he was getting his equilibrium back in testing out the label maker, and watching "The Dancing Men" episode of the Granada Sherlock Holmes series (yes, I must confess—I have not watched much of classic Jeremy Brett Holmes; this is only my second episode, although I've seen part of one, but that was some years ago).

James was feeling much better after cooling off, plus the breeze had picked up and it wasn't at hot as five as it had been at ten, and we went back to the Fried Tomato Buffet—because, barbecue pork ribs. And the chicken and dumplings are pretty good, too. We made a flying stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond with an expiring coupon (I bought James a new beach towel for his power chair, after not being about to find an airplane-themed one anywhere online), and then went to JoAnn with a 60 percent off coupon. Surprise! There were the six "tropical color" Flairs that don't come with the 20-pen set. The coupon made them affordable (really, the price they charge for simple felt-tip pens is absurd).

After being so hot this morning, it was breezy enough to drive home with the windows down. Still didn't see anyone sitting on their beautifully decorated front porches! We also saw them setting up for Taste of Marietta tomorrow as we cut through downtown. Wish this was held when it was cooler!

Before we got home, we stopped at Publix and finished grocery shopping. Tomorrow is free!

I must be having one of those weird nesting impulses, because, even after walking the dog I couldn't be still. James went downstairs to work on a model, and there I was, from eleven to one, trying to dig out the mess in the craft room. Boy, was I tired when I went to bed. I sorted a big pile of cross-stitch magazines and put them in the bins I bought at JoAnn (storage was half off), dug out the laminator I got from Amazon Vine and never used (turned out it was a lot smaller than the big box it was in; out went the box!), and rearranged the stuff next to the loveseat so I could reach my fanzines again, and get to my sewing items easy. I tossed out old calendars (ripping out a few pretty pages that got stuck to the closet door), put Christmas cards back on top of the cabinet where they belonged, put up the rest of the Command containers, cleaned off the paper cutter, put the Flairs up in one of the little organizer boxes I got from Ikea on discount (and played with them, of course), and finally got to the point where I could vacuum.

Yes, it was finally bedtime!

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