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» Sunday, April 23, 2017
And Then the Deluge

We slept in this morning, and then James had to get to work restocking his homemade burritos. Yay me, I got to go out grocery shopping. I went to Costco for milk and popcorn and mushrooms, and bought a copy of Rogue One and the book White Trash. It had rained before we went to bed last night and it was spoiling for rain again this morning, the sky oppressively grey and low. From Costco I went to Kroger since they had yogurt, paper towels, and pork chops on sale. Just as I pulled in the driveway it started to rain!

Spent the afternoon listening to the rain drum on the roof—we had several spates of "Georgia Monsoon Season," with the windows getting soaked as the wind lashed water at them—adding stuff to the Netflix queue, including The Secret Life of Pets. We watched that at suppertime: it was cute and has some good chuckles, but I thought overlong. The budgie, Sweetpea, does get to participate in the adventure, but he's the only one of the critters who doesn't talk. How odd.

Later watched the first episode of The Vicar of Dibley off Britbox and then Call the Midwife, which had a "loss" theme tonight. Thankfully one of the losses was not Shelagh's baby! Right now I'm watching a special called The Secret Life of Pigeons, which has been fascinating: how they study their homing instincts, how pigeons have served man (and not just in squab dishes), pigeon shows,  their social habits, etc. And we even saw baby pigeons.

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