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» Saturday, April 22, 2017
Adventures on Saturday (Evening Edition)

James was much refreshed after his nap and we headed up to Town Center eager for our supper. We returned to the Fried Tomato Buffet and enjoyed the Saturday night specialties: chicken and dumplings (which was quite good), shredded barbecue pork, and pork ribs. I also had more of the cucumber and tomato salad and some olives "straight up."

We stopped at JoAnn afterwards as we had six excellent coupons which we used on useful things: all Command products. 😊 And then we decided to check out the new Thinkgeek store at Town Center Mall. This has only been open for a couple of weeks; the initial store opened up at the Mall of Georgia. It's been a popular online site to find fannish things as well as cool gadgets for years.

Our first goal was finding the elevator at the mall. This is the first time we've been to Town Center since James had gotten the power chair. There's no real reason for us to go anymore since Waldenbooks and BDalton have closed. Even the Lindt store is gone. We figured it would be near the Food Court and were correct. Thinkgeek was just past the Food Court going toward the Sears end of the mall.

We were actually a bit disappointed because it was mostly fannish stuff. Now, it was cool fannish stuff, but we aren't in the market for action figures and other geegaws that we have to dust. And I have no idea why everyone likes those Funko Pop figures with the huge heads. If I was collecting, I'd want something realistic.

They did have a couple of cool gadgets off in a corner. One was a Tesla watch. The second hand is on a tiny, separate dial, and at the top of the watch are two tiny "vacuum tubes" that you can turn off and on. Nifty!

Since we were there, we also checked out the Disney Store. They had some really neat action figure sculptures from Star Wars. The Rey was especially keen. We didn't see a Han Solo, but they do have one, but no General Leia! (But there's two Kylo Rens—hissssss...) Checked out the Animator's Collection dolls; I'm not a doll person, but if I was, I'd definitely bring home Lilo or Merida; I love the expression on the latter's face—she looks as if she has the very devil in her!

Also stopped at Teavana, which is a very expensive tea store. James was really interested in their chocolate peppermint tea, but on discount the tin was $30!

On the way home we had dessert at Bruster's Ice Cream and then drove home with the windows down; another perfect cool night.

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