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» Friday, February 10, 2017
Where the Trail Leads Me

My first wish for this Friday off was to sleep late, and that I did. Through the 8 a.m. alarm for three quarters of an hour. Next, took Tucker on a longer walk than he gets on work days and had breakfast. It's not going to get warm until tomorrow, so I'm enjoying the cold weather.

Finally I was off to the Barnes & Noble at Buckhead to look for a new "Breathe," as I haven't seen it nearby. The traffic was much quieter than before Christmas, but sadly I could see even more of what has been aggravating my nose and eyes in the mornings besides our neighbors' lawns being festively decorated with dandelions and vetch: trees blooming! The magnolias are past budding, and the flowering plums or cherries are bursting white, daffodils pepper the landscape. Spring is inevitable, but must it be so early?

As always, was greeted with the delicious smell of coffee as I entered the store. Coffee brings back such lovely memories: Mom sipping hers in the morning, family gatherings with Aunty Margaret or Cousin Anna brewing pot after pot in the percolator, the wonderful scent of sugar and coffee on winter mornings. I did find "Breathe," and also bought the "Life" 1920s special magazine. The store has a special until Valentine's Day, 10 percent off, which is 20 percent for members, so I was looking for remainder books, clearance, etc. And clearance is now 75 percent off! I only found one small clearance item there, but I did find something else to put away for a gift. Plus the hardcover of Hidden Figures was half off, which means eventually I got it for $11. I've heard such good things about the film that I wanted to read the book. I've read all sorts of books about the space program and women (neither black or white) were ever mentioned as part of the workforce.

Since the clearance price had gone down, I hit the Akers Mill Barnes & Noble on the return journey and turned some goodies: something that will be half a gift, and a few other nice things to use as presents. (I love finding nice things on clearance, so I can give better gifts than I can usually afford.)

Next, I needed gasoline, so it was across the road to Costco. I could see just from looking from the pumps that the store itself was very crowded, and I was very hungry already, but I thought that if I could find a close parking space...and one providentially appeared. So I made it through Costco (we needed mandarin oranges and toilet paper and trash bags) on four pita chips and two samples of "cocoa rabbits" cereal, then went on to Kaiser to pick up my prescription, and then finally...

I could go to Publix for a few twofers..and Toufeyan wraps for James and Those Damn Bananas and bread and lamb shoulder and yogurt, and then finally...

I could go across the street to Sprouts where they had great meat sales: beef bits, boneless pork, ginormous chicken legs, turkey thighs—and Italian wedding soup to boot, and then finally...

I could go home and have lunch, and by this time it was 4 p.m. :-) But the bargains were great.

Soon James arrived home, and we went up to Town Center hoping to get some goodies at their Barnes & Noble; alas, my luck didn't hold here. Most of it was wrapping paper and cutesy signs. We were close to Olive Garden, but we opted for Giovanni's instead, since their food is better. At least they know what al dente means.

Finished my book of Valdemar short stories tonight and can now go on to Hidden Figures.

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