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» Sunday, February 12, 2017
Let's Chill Because It's Warm

It was just after eight. James couldn't sleep, but I turned over for another snooze, thinking it was too warm to go back to sleep. And then my Fitbit buzzed me because it was 9:50. I always sleep better in the mornings; an "owl" for sure and not a "lark."

After breakfast we ended up going back to Publix because James needed cheese and eggs to finish his burritos and sandwiches. Now he should have enough to see him through the weekend after Anachrocon. We took our finds home and decided, because it was so warm and sticky, to go get a frozen hot chocolate. It was cloudy all day and very sultry; we drove all the way to Acworth with the windows down.

Books-a-Million was having an excellent book sale, but nothing I really had to have. Bought a book about bad food ingredients and also bought James a "Wild Cards" book. On the way home he stopped to let me pop in the Dallas Highway Barnes & Noble to check out their clearance. Found a cute figure of "Sadness" from Inside Out which I got for about 80 cents. I can take her to work.

It was spattering when we got home and remained sort of rainy all night. We had chicken and wild rice soup for supper and before I knew it, it was past America's Funniest Home Videos and time for Victoria.

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