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» Saturday, February 18, 2017
In Which Tucker is Drowned and Steak is Consumed

James got up at seven to start work at eight and I dozed luxuriously until nine (again having absurd dreams). I should have filled the bird feeders the moment I emerged from the bedroom, because by the time I finished breakfast and we'd been disappointed because this morning's scheduled space launch from Cape Canaveral had been aborted—they were launching a new SpaceX mission from one of the old Apollo launch pads, and it brought back such lovely memories—it had begun to rain. Tucker was not happy with being taken out into this drippy world.

He wasn't going to be any happier later.

But when they scrubbed the launch I grabbed my keys and went off on my errands. Since I had to go all the way up to Roswell Road to fetch the cleaning, I stopped by Sam's Club on the way to pick up mushrooms, milk, Skinny Pop, onions, eggs, and some Asian salad mix. Then I picked up the cleaning and made a slow half circle back to Smyrna to stop at Publix. Got all the rest we needed, including chicken to go with the Asian salad, but was annoyed at having to once again climb on the dairy case to get my yogurt. Had a lovely chat with the bagger who helped me outside with my stuff. So all the shopping was done by noon.

James was just about to stop and have lunch, so he helped me upstairs with the groceries and then we had lunch. The rain slacked off. And was time...

Tucker was summarily bundled into the car, along with his dog soap, and taken to Petco for a bath. He's begun to smell like a boys' locker room. As I started to scrub him another woman came in to take advantage of the dog wash, with a dog that looked like it was all or part dachshund. Both of them moaned and whined through their bath. I think he is starting to understand what I mean when I waggle my hand and say "shake!"

Brought him home, stripped out his crate, and then waited for James to finish up his work day while I completed Hidden Figures and began With the Might of Angels. When he did sign off, we got dressed and headed for the West Cobb Diner in search of a good turkey dinner, but it was packed, so we ate at Longhorn instead. After oatmeal, yogurt, and two slices left from a personal pizza as food all day, the salad, steak, and potato was extra delicious!

Our final stop of the night was at the Hallmark store on Dallas Highway. I had a 40 percent off coupon on one item. I probably should have spent it on a Christmas gift for someone, but instead bought the new stuffed Lassie that's been tempting me. I also did pick up a couple of pretty Christmas gifts, and some stocking stuffers on discount.

And then it was home to perambulate the pooch and watch some Rosemary & Thyme.

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