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» Sunday, February 19, 2017
IKEA and Vegetables

James went downstairs to his "man cave" last night and didn't emerge until after one, so we both slept in this morning, which is very rare for him these days. He's usually up by eight and has the dog walked and sometimes even breakfast eaten before I emerge. Tucker was as slugabed as both of us, so he didn't go out until after breakfast was eaten.

We had decided if nothing else came up today we would go to Ikea, so we set out about 11:30 for Northside Drive by way of CVS (we had a coupon, so I bought more BreatheRights and a newspaper) and Costco (gasoline). Noticed the huge crowd at the Cobb Galleria (otherwise known as the world's most boring mall) which is also a conference venue. They were having a dinosaur discovery event today and lines of children and parents were pouring inside. Funny, I have always been crazy about archaeology and anthropology and prehistoric life, but have never been a big dinosaur fan. I went to see Jurassic Park only because of Sam Neill.

Ikea was pretty crowded, too; when we got there we had to park in the lower garage. It was so close to breakfast that I wasn't really hungry, but we had lunch there anyway: James had the chicken meatballs with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies, and I had a light plate which consisted of three strips of grilled chicken breast, some baby greens, four baby carrots, a stick of mozzarella cheese, and three strawberries. I dipped the chicken breast in James' gravy and it was edible; I gave him the cheese because mozzarella just tastes like mucus to me. Needed some salad dressing for my carrots and greens, so tried some "Newman's Own" light Italian. Ugh! I just used a little bit and it was so vinegary that it made my nose clog up. Yuck.

My walk through Ikea (James just rolled...LOL) was about two miles; it's a good place for a workout. Found some little things: a simple tea strainer,  two small bowls for James to use for cereal, I got one of those artists' model wooden figures, and we wandered around the pretend rooms and I recommended the Billy bookcases to a lady who was considering them (I'm a Billy pusher ☺). I really need to pick up a couple of things when I have a little more money put by; I would like to put a Gnedby (the media bookcase) in the hall bath to hold books and toiletries, for example. They also had some nice garage-type shelving. I still miss the old Leksvik stuff, though, like our bed and china cabinet. They really haven't replaced it with anything comparable. Picked up the 2017 catalog as well.

On the way home we stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I had a coupon and picked up a seat cushion for James to use in the truck. He is having a lot of trouble sitting due to the deterioration of his hipbones and driving has become uncomfortable. This is one of those bamboo pillows with the sacroiliac support which I hope helps.

James cooked himself more ground beef to use in impromptu lunches and then made us an Asian salad for supper using the kit from Sam's Club and teriyaki chicken strips. Next thing we knew it was time for Victoria and now it's time for bed!

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