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» Saturday, February 11, 2017
Bargains and Books

No alarms are so nice. We woke naturally about eight; with James going through his morning routine—weight, blood pressure, shot, pills, the whole nine yards—while I snuggled a little bit more. By the time I was dressed and up, he had taken Tucker for his walk and was cooking eggs for breakfast. Enjoyed my oatmeal and yogurt, then after James helped me get the heavier of yesterday's groceries out of the car and I helped him mount the power chair on the truck, he went off to his club meeting and I grabbed my pouch and my phone so I could head out to Hiram.

Michael's had a 2-day coupon, yesterday and today, 30 percent off all regularly priced items. This is a good coupon for buying low-priced craft supply items: charms, beads, chains, etc., but I wanted to go to a larger Michael's than the one on Cobb Parkway. Hence the trip to Hiram. Of course I had to go check out the pets for adoption at the PetsMart next door. There were two pretty adolescent cats, a black and a grey tabby, and the black kitty, with stunning yellow eyes, kept hooking a paw outside the cage and rubbing against the bars. Aw.

Picked up a variety of things including something to embellish a Christmas project and two things to complete the gift I started yesterday at Barnes & Noble. I also walked up to Five Below, and, even though winter is pretty much over, bought gloves for James (he's always losing one glove) and replaced one pair of mine that were unraveling. Picked up some Yardley Oatmeal soap at Dollar Tree in case we need it again, but they had no Pears soap. I pretty much stock up on the latter every time I'm in Dollar Tree. Would you believe it sells for three for $15 at the Vermont Country Store? I use it for my face and it has really helped although apparently nothing keeps me from having a zit once in a while. Silly me thinking that would be all over with once I quit puberty!

Once home I put things in their places as well as some of the groceries I had brought in. My Vine orders had come in: the new Maisie Dobbs book for me and a Brita water pitcher for James; hoping he will drink more water at work if it tastes better. I just grabbed some bread for lunch and noted in dismay checking out the DVR that I was seven episodes behind in Elementary. (I still love the show; it's just that when I get home anymore I just want to take my glasses off and be done with it!) So I watched two from back in November and started in surprise when a character in the opening scene of the "Sausage" episode began to speak. That voice! Yes, it was Jonathan Freeman, good ol' Rollie Pruitt himself. (The opening of this episode was also notable for all the classic Holmes references: Freeman plays a character named Holder who brings Sherlock a beryl coronet, Sherlock leaves a note to Joan to check on six Napoleons, and later a Musgrave is mentioned.)

James got home from his meeting and almost promptly fell asleep in the recliner, with Tucker sacked out in front of him. Some time later I warmed up the Italian wedding soup, which had not been very soupy when I bought it and now was basically thick glop that needed thinning out with no sodium chicken broth (which was what I planned to do with it in the first place). Watched the news and then put on Father Brown, Rosemary & Thyme, "the crazy lady" as Mom always called Hyacinth Bucket, and As Time Goes By.

I'm excited to see the book at left coming out in June! A few years ago someone on Facebook was advertising a new Lassie book about the television series, but it never came out. I'm thinking it's because Dreamworks refused to let the author publish it. They made the 26-episode cartoon when they bought the Lassie property and then have let it languish ever since. The least they could do would be to give us uncut season sets!

Anyway, something to make summer coming worthwhile! I was thinking today that here's another winter gone by without my ever having gone into the back yard as I've wanted to and doing any work. I certainly don't want to be outside working when it's warm out!

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