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» Sunday, January 22, 2017
Peace and Quiet and Weeping Skies

After all the action last weekend we decided to take it easy this weekend. We finished up the shopping Friday night after having supper at the West Cobb Diner and James having to go through the first of another trio of iron infusions.

Saturday morning it poured. We aren't supposed to take the power chair out deliberately in the rain, so instead it was a leisurely breakfast and we did a fun thing: had "Saturday morning cartoons." Watched an episode of the 1960's Filmation Fantastic Voyage, another episode of Dreamworks' The New Adventures of Lassie (which isn't bad if they would just get rid of those stupid little animals in the barn, including the pug who has a crush on Lassie), and "Rin Tin Tin in the Flaming Forest," in which a trapper's Boston-raised son (played with a sneer by a very young Tim Considine) turns up his nose at Rusty and Rinty and gets them lost in the woods, then starts a forest fire. Rinty, of course, rescues everyone.

There was a rain respite in the afternoon, so we took a ride out to Acworth to go to Books-a-Million. James treated himself to a frozen hot chocolate (they make the best) and me to a peppermint hot chocolate. I picked up two remainder books and then was told I could pick a third for free; it was a sale. Couldn't find anything for myself or James, so picked one up for a gift instead.

Got home in time to walk Tucker before the rain began again. We ate in because we are going out to lunch tomorrow, and then James went down to the Man Cave and I watched the first three parts of The Crown, which is a British drama about Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne and her first years as a monarch. Matt Smith (the Eleventh Doctor) plays Prince Philip. I started crying in the second episode when Princess Margaret goes to see her father while he is being embalmed and sobs over him. John Lithgow plays Winston Churchill.

We were between rainstorms this morning when we walked the dog and then dropped off my prescription at Kroger while we went to Sprouts for some beef and pork bits, giant chicken legs, Yukon gold potatoes, more Litehouse salad sprinkles, and a couple of other things. We weren't home long to put it away, as we had to turn around and go back to Keegan's for the retirement dinner Jessie was throwing for her mother. This was fun, but we didn't stay long, as everyone was in a hurry to get home for the Falcons game; if they win they are going the Stupid Bowl. [And they did win, 44-21. It's gonna be North vs. South.]

Again, after swinging by to pick up my prescription and a Sunday paper, we got home in time for me to walk Tucker before it started to rain, and it poured, just like it did last night, with the raindrops drumming ceaselessly on the chimney cap, thunder, the whole nine yards. I put instrumental Christmas music on and read Bryant & May and the Burning Man all afternoon (I literally couldn't stop, the plot raced that quickly).

Arrrrgh! Tonight I couldn't watch Victoria because GPB was blank again! Apparently a piece of construction equipment is blocking their signal to Dish. Say what?

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