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» Saturday, January 07, 2017
Party Overthrown

After you've lived in Atlanta for years, you tend to view weather reports with cynicism. "Monster storms" turn into drizzle, snow becomes frost, "just some rain" coats the road with ice, and "a nice day" turns out to be a blistering 89.

So it was with a sense of exasperation we greeted the snowstorm reports that started on Sunday. We had our annual Twelfth Night party planned for tonight.

Instead of petering out like they usually do, though, the snowstorm reports got worse. James said we should just call it off, but I grimly hung on, knowing that the expected storm would just turn out to be a bust if I did. Yesterday I realized that if we did have the storm they predicted, we wouldn't be able to go shopping on Sunday, so I ran out to the grocery store early for milk, bread, and other things needed for the workweek.

Last night it started raining, and it was so cold the rain almost immediately began to freeze. I'd brought in the two little Christmas log deer so they wouldn't get wet (after cutting some new "antlers" for them out of tree branches) and also the St. Nicholas banner, because I've never seen another like it and I need to care for it, and now my new snowflake flag was flapping outside. As the half hours went on, it flapped a little less because it was slowly being encased in ice, as was the American flag and the railings leading up the steps.

The news kept promising the rain would stop and it would turn to snow, and up to four inches were predicted. By 10 p.m., when I took Tucker out through the garage and disappointed him by not going much further than our own grass, which was already crunchy while the driveway and the sidewalk were slick with rain/ice, no snow seemed forthcoming, and we went disappointedly off to bed.

It actually did snow, but just enough to edge the lawns and the road, and the tips of the branches and the tops of the bushes were covered with a glaze of ice that made all the trees and plants look set with diamonds and silver. Tucker had another short walk, which he also hated, especially as he was bundled in the tweed coat because it was only 20°F and the wind cut like a knife.

So I finally went online and canceled till next week. Sadly, the house will be less festive by then because I will need to start taking down the decorations. The supreme irony in all this is that by next weekend it will be nearly 70!

James and I did go to Kroger for a little bit this afternoon as he was out of mushrooms. We also got Bisquik and he made biscuits late in the afternoon. I don't think James has made biscuits since before Willow got sick. We had them with Kerrygold butter and blackberry honey and they were better than all the gourmet meals in any food magazines. And the biscuits came in handy later on: we were going to have homemade pizzas, but the crusts were stale. So we had pizza fixings on biscuits. Not the best alternative, but it worked out.

Looking about for something to do tonight and put Frozen on; it's been sitting on the DVR for awhile. I enjoyed watching it and I did like the reindeer, but I guess maybe I came on this one late. Not seeing what all the fuss was about. Then I put on the Vicious special. Sorry this series is over; for all the bile I love Stuart and Freddie (or maybe what I want is their apartment ☺ ).

Now we're seeing out Christmas watching The Good Life and All Creatures Great and Small.

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