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» Saturday, January 28, 2017
Life Goes Better With Sleep, But Not With Technology

I was looking forward to this Friday off. No party prep, no Christmas decorating or divesting, no errands to run. I could do what I liked.

Unfortunately what I would have liked to do was sleep, because I hadn't slept properly for two nights. I understood it Wednesday night: the cold front hadn't come through properly yet and it was too warm even with three fans going. But Thursday night it got nice and chilly and I had fans blowing cold air into the room all evening. It should have been a grand night for snuggling up and instead I was awakened every half hour because with the comforter it was too warm and without the comforter it was too cold, or I had to go to the bathroom, or that my knees were hurting, ad infinitum, and only slept well after James left for work at seven. Since I was short of sleep from during the week, this wasn't a lot of help. I've been having a lot of trouble with my neck where I had the thyroid cancer was removed; because of the surgery I have nerve damage in the right side of my neck. It pretty much is stiff all the time, but this week it's been cramping as well and feels like I'm being strangled on one spot on my right shoulder.

In the end I did get some stuff done Friday, but was abominably groggy doing it: went to Publix and scored twofers and other things we needed, stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought James' Valentine's Day gift and ordered an Angry Mama, and ordered and picked up my lunch at Tin Drum. When I walked up to the cashier she grinned at me and said "Teriyaki, steak, no fried chicken." They have me pegged. Yes, indeedy.

On the way home, swung by Costco and bought gasoline and stopped at Aldi for milk.

Came home to make Snowy happy by playing Leo Laporte and dozed off on the sofa with my head bobbing over my lap. When James got in from having his second iron infusion, I still wasn't hungry after that big lunch. So we stayed in for the rest of the night. I had cereal for supper and he did something with eggs, and I finally got to watch part two of Victoria which I missed on Sunday night.

Friday night I finally got some sleep, so felt reasonably human this morning. Unfortunately James was inadvertently fighting a demon we didn't know about. He volunteered to work today to make up for the last two Friday afternoons at the doctor, and he was given permission to telework. When I got up he hadn't had any calls. By the time I left to go to Publix—he needed to make breakfast burritos and sandwiches and had no wraps or Rotel—he suddenly noticed that his board showed that he was on a call when he wasn't. He was troubleshooting as I left.

Picked him up the stuff he needed, plus fresh ground beef and some dog biscuits I didn't notice were on BOGO yesterday, and also ran to Michael's since there was a one-day 60 percent off coupon. I got some Sharpie markers and then dashed back home.

James was really upset. He finally realized that, although the system logged him on this morning, he wasn't actually ever on. He let his supervisor know, and was just told to knock off for the rest of the day. So he made his breakfasts and then we had supper at Longhorn and spent a nice hour at Barnes & Noble before heading home and fiddling around with the connection a little more. It appears it might be a problem with our cell phones (yet another thing the stupid perfect Pixel doesn't do). James' cell worked perfectly with the system the last time he teleworked, which was about a week ago. A couple of days ago, Verizon pushed Android 7.1.1 to his phone. I already had 7.1.1, so I had James try transferring the calls to my phone. They won't transfer to mine, either, but they will transfer to the landline. Makes me very suspicious of the upgrade in general.

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