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» Friday, December 16, 2016
Top of the Eighteenth

Today was the first day of eighteen anticipated days of leave and weekends and holiday festivities. If this is an example of the rest of the time, I'm going to have to go back to work to get some rest. 😀

I did take the opportunity to sleep late, then had breakfast and walked the dog. It wasn't quite as cold as yesterday morning, but the wind still had a knife edge. Bits of cloud from the upcoming rain already hanging out against a bright blue sky. Now, I had one gift package that had not gone out in last weekend's mass mailing because I needed to add something to it. Plus another gift that had not gone out because we hadn't decided what we would buy. So today I needed to go complete those two gifts. Accordingly, I went to Kroger to pick up these missing pieces. I also found a nice steak and some chops, bought milk and yogurt, and a couple of gift cards. Well, I picked up one of the missing pieces. I was in line and had checked out when I realized I hadn't picked up the one I actually went there for! So I just did a U-turn after leaving the cashier, went back for what I needed, and got back into line. At least I could use the express lane this time.

I brought the groceries home, put up the perishables, finished the packages, then drove to the post office and got the items off. Now I could have a little fun.

Well, sorta. I had coupons and had to do some other errands first. I stopped at CVS on the outbound with one to pick up Breathe Rights, and at Petco with another to get Tucker more dog food and of course I bought him more treats. I had to stop to say hi to the budgies, and bought Snowy a new grit perch.

Okay, now for some fun: I had a great coupon for Barnes & Noble. I didn't end up with a book, though, because by then it was 1:30 and I was hungry enough to eat a book rather than read it. I had a cup of clam chowder at the café and read Facebook (which included such gems as this), then couldn't decide between two books and bought a cross-stitch magazine instead. James has a 30 percent off; maybe he'll want to go to Buckhead on Sunday.

Fed the car at Costco, then checked out a Dollar Tree. I usually get a cheap ($1.50) 5"x5" calendar from Michaels to keep track of my paydays and what I pay on them, tacked up next to my computer. Michaels doesn't seem to have small calendars this year. I tried at Kmart last week, since I'd seen them there previously, and they had none. Aubrey said she saw some at a Dollar Tree. The one near our house looked like a bomb—or at least unsupervised small children—had tramped through it. No small calendars. Tried Dollar General; saw no calendars at all.

(Oh, also stopped at the new Publix on the way home. I went there at lunchtime for the grand opening day and picked up a bunch of twofers and had samples. Supposedly Milk Bones were on BOGO, but there were no signs up. I talked to one of the managers and he gave them to me for the discount prices. Another manager asked me as I headed for the register if I'd looked for something that I didn't see. I suggested Davidson eggs, of course. Anyway, I noticed that on the deli soups they said they would carry chicken and wild rice soup on Friday, so I stopped by there today. And they had none. Grump.)

Came home to walk Tucker again, drink two big glasses of milk (the clam chowder was salty), and wait for James. We had supper at Giovanni's, certainly an improvement on Red Lobster last weekend! Cost less plus leftovers. Then came home to watch a Danny Kaye Show Christmas special I recorded off GetTV and listen to some Christmas music.

Oh, yeah, and ordered one of the two books online...

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