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» Saturday, December 17, 2016
Merry Friendmas!

We had a relatively quiet morning, and a good thing, because the rest of the day zipped by at top speed. Despite going to bed late, James woke early and went off to do his morning routine and walk the dog. I tried to sleep a little longer, but merely dozed. When I got up I had breakfast and then had to wrap a couple of gifts for this afternoon: the "wizard college" print I got for Aubrey Spivey's graduation gift and Juanita's retirement gift (a plaque that said "I'm not retired. I'm just starting" and a National Parks coloring book). I didn't have any cards, but thought I still had a greeting card generating computer program. Nope. Just made two simple ones with graphics and lettering instead. Looks like I should buy some card software.

We arrived at the Outback Steakhouse in Kennesaw in good time by coming through the back, and good thing, too, as Barrett Parkway is not only lined with stores that are crowded at Christmas, but Town Center Mall is down the road apiece and the road looked like one big parking lot, and had a great lunch. James and I decided to split today's coupon special, which was a huge ribeye with two sides. I ate the potato and he had mushrooms and we both carved off the steak, which arrived at the table on the bone and looked like something the Flintstones would order for dinner. (James took a picture of me gnawing the meat off it.) We brought half of it home, but I won't order a ribeye again; they are just too fatty. I was re-tasting it for the rest of the night. Aubrey had some cool gifts, including a beautiful dragon scarf. After everyone had finished eating, most of us repaired to the house to have cake and talk some more. Jesse was telling us about his new job, and we watched Cinnamon the dog play with the cat, who was batting at her face with sheathed claws.

We headed home about six so I could walk Tucker before we left for the Atlanta Radio Theatre performance. It was a very strange day weatherwise, as it had started out cold and was actually getting warmer as the day progressed. As we left it was just a little foggy and much warmer than it had been in the morning—nearly 20 degrees higher.

"An Atlanta Christmas" was being performed on our side of town this year. Previously it had been out in Avondale for many years (we actually used to enjoy that ride, as we got to see the decorations in downtown Avondale) and then for the last few years all the way down south in Stockbridge at a very nice venue that the GPS continued to misdirect us to (the only problem being southbound traffic on I-75). This year it was at the Good Acting Studio right next to the Masonic Lodge just north of downtown Marietta, about a 12-minute drive from us.

It was a great performance as always, with a bunch of my favorites including "O Tannenbaum" (a.k.a. "Crazy Uncle Richard's World War I Christmas letter") and "Are You Lonely Tonight" (two lonely people meet at the office party) and even "The Legend of the Poinsettia" ("It's red!"), plus a new story called "Role of a Lifetime," about a 1950s actor who has a temporary position playing Santa Claus and is faced with the sobbing wish of a little girl who just wants her daddy back from Korea for Christmas. They finished up with the rollicking  "A Blue Hanukkahmas Carol," the story of a stranded young man, and four very peculiar ghosts.

Then we came home and relaxed to Christmas music until bedtime.

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