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» Saturday, November 12, 2016
Two Sheets to No Wind

We'd talked about going to the Farmer's Market this morning, but it was a much nicer morning to sleep, cool enough to use two blankets! So very happy it's gotten cool. I've even closed the vent in the bedroom in anticipation of cold nights.

We had a leisurely breakfast and Tucker had his walk. The wind was blowing from the Northeast this morning, so most of the wildfire smoke from up north was headed over Alabama, and it was pretty and blue and cool. Soon James was off to his meeting. I'd remembered the other thing I wanted to look for at Walmart, so I grabbed up my wallet and went. After digging through the supply, I did find the flannel sheets I was searching for (not too light colored, as I use the fitted bottom sheet as a cover on the sofa cushions to keep them clean), bought a new rug for the foyer, and picked up other items I needed (air freshener, light bulbs, that sort of boring stuff). Oh, yeah, and first season of The Librarians on DVD, because "why not?" When I finished there I decided to go to Sprouts to pick up some beef and pork, and something for lunch. I tried to feed the car at RaceTrac first and the pumps shut down when I got there. Was it something I said? :-) Ended up using the QT instead after I finished at Sprouts.

Had a delicious lunch of Italian wedding soup and some bread while watching episodes of Lassie, and then started the next Molly Murphy mystery and was so immersed in it that when James came home early I just kept reading when he fell asleep in the recliner. Needless to say, we didn't go out to eat until after six.

We ended up at Cracker Barrel for supper—I didn't think they had as much Christmas-oriented merchandise as in past years—and that was pretty good and we had a super waitress. From there we drove to the Hallmark store at Town Center, because I had $10 worth of coupons, $2 of which would expire soon. I bought a retirement gift to put away.

We ended up the night at Barnes & Noble to have a peppermint cocoa at the Starbuck's. It was getting chilly and it tasted good. I picked up a couple of Christmas magazines as well.

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