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» Saturday, November 19, 2016
The Busy Department

Yesterday the high was 78°F, any wind blowing sullenly from the south with heat oozing from every pore, only dipping into the mid-fifties after the sun set. And there it remained, only creeping up two degrees during Saturday. Along with the cold came a long blast of wind and this combined to make it chilly and breezy all day.

Needless to say, it was beautiful. The sky was clear and so blue it hurt. All that cold air puts heart back into me after the sweaty despair of summer.

We were up at 7:30 to eat a quick breakfast and get the dog perambulated before we had to load boxes of dead electronics/electrical items in the bed of the truck and also load the power chair. We took dead lamps, defunct computers, burned-out fans and all sorts of nonsense, including all those lousy pigtail CFLs. There was already a line to get in when we arrived at Jim Miller Park at 8:58. We got directed into the wrong line, then into the correct line, but they didn't take lightbulbs, and James protested that we had just gotten out of the lightbulb line and they hadn't told us that was for lightbulbs, so they took the lightbulbs anyway.

We had the power chair with us because we wanted to go to the Farmer's Market, but on the way there we spotted an inspection station. I had my car done when I had the window switch fixed, but the truck still needed to be completed. So we stopped and had it done and now I can go online and pay for the car registrations.

Most of the vendors at the Farmer's Market today dispensed with the tents because of the blustery weather. We hadn't been for a while and discovered that they have fixed the sidewalks from the parking lot to the square; it's all been bricked and what was already bricked was repaired, much nicer for James to trundle on. We bought fresh tomatoes and cucumbers for ourselves and to make a salad for Thanksgiving Day, dog biscuits and some Thanksgiving dog cookies, pumpkin bread to take to the "kitchenwarming," and scones for desserts. Stopped and talked to the guy who used to sell the chicken salad, substituting for Diana who sells salmon, and he said his wife is so retired she won't even make chicken salad for him anymore. LOL.

While we were surveying the booths, America's Best called. They couldn't get James' insurance to run; did he want the new glasses anyway? James said yes, because he'd priced them online and they aren't much cheaper. Those "cheap online glasses" aren't just cheap frames, they're plain single vision lenses with no other additions. Once you get bifocals, progressive ones no less, anti-glare, anti-scratch—it all adds up.

So from the Farmer's Market we went to put in the final order for the glasses. They are pewter color and will go well with his beard, and should be here in around a week.

Finally we stopped at Publix to round up a lot of twofers. We found not only the ones I had on my list, but a bunch more (nothing we couldn't use)—but no oatmeal in my flavor and no French bread. I only need one sandwich next week and there's no use buying a whole pack of buns. Was astonished by the absence of the bread, since it wasn't even noon yet.

So we came home for the rest of the afternoon. We had lunch, I did a few chores, and then watched Ray Mears (Wild Britain) until it was time to leave for the "kitchenwarming" party at the Spiveys. Their old kitchen was not only outdated, but had safety problems, so they had it remodeled and new flooring put in (due to water damage). It looks lovely now; the kitchen is no longer boxed in, and the new floor now connects what was the old "Florida room" to the rest of the house and makes it look all of one piece. Best yet, it makes the whole family happy.

So we had a lovely party, guests flowed in and out, we saw familiar faces and met new ones, especially the minister who put James on their prayer list, ate goodies, and loved every minute of it. Sadly, it was soon 9 o'clock and time to go home so James could set up his laptop so he could telework tomorrow.

Except that he couldn't. While his work laptop performed flawlessly the last time he teleworked (Election Day), it would not connect to our internet. It kept saying there was some error. All we can think of is that some Windows update confunded it. But this meant we now had to rush to bed so that he could get up at 6:20 to get ready for work. What a rotter of an ending for a beautiful day.

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