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» Friday, November 11, 2016
Smoke Gets In Everyone's Eyes

I probably could have slept longer this morning, but didn't. Lots of interruptions during the night, including having a bad dream about some small animal dying—James woke me up to ask me why I was crying—and my alarm going off because I'd forgotten to turn it off last night.

It was chilly but nice when I took the dog out, with a smell of smoke in the air. For a moment I wondered if someone already had been at their fireplace, and then I realized it was still smoke from the wildfires burning up at the Georgia/North Carolina/Tennessee state line. When will we get some rain? I don't remember it raining since that thunderstorm we had when James was in the hospital. That was July!

Driving into Buckhead early did nothing to alleviate the traffic; oh, well. It was a pretty ride. I went through Vinings, which has a pretty little shopping area planted with maples and other colorful trees, and then down Paces Ferry Road, which is all "swells," with houses far back from the road, long driveways (even little bridges over creeks), and surrounded by trees. Our trees are muted compared to up north, but occasionally there's a patch of nice color, and the arch of the trees and the diffused sun made a pretty scene of it. West Paces Ferry Road, where the Governor's Mansion is and is now a mix of "old money" and modern McMansions, was also a treat. They were preparing for a Veteran's Day ceremony at the Atlanta History Center and a man in colonial uniform crossed the street in front of me.

I spent too much time in Barnes & Noble, but did find the "This England Annual 2017" and bought a Christmas magazine. Really too early for the winter edition of "This England," and I'm not sure when the winter issue of "Bella Grace" is coming out. I was quite happy with the autumn one. I've finished almost all the journaling portions. Also saw an interesting new book called The Dog Merchants, about breeders, puppy mills, pet shops, shelters, etc. Came back through the streets behind West Paces Ferry, which have beautiful homes, including a Tudor-style and a Colonial house that would not look out of place at Yorktown. Smoke was still in the air.

I thought about going to Sam Flax to see what they had in art things, but I had a 60 percent off JoAnn coupon and was hoping I might get another Ott light. Heh. Of course they had all the expensive stuff already on sale, which means I couldn't use the coupon. I got more superglue with a 40 and India ink calligraphy pens.with the 60. Also popped into Michaels and got a couple of tiny sale things with a 20 percenter.

By then I was hungry, so headed home through Kennesaw National Battlefield Park. Again, more mellow trees, chiefly pale golds and a lot of oaks fading directly from green to brown, autumn color enveloping the cleared fields. The route home passes through another ritzy area with huge old homes or big low bungalows with trees hanging over them like benevolent guardians.

Came home to some leftover chicken and played a couple of episodes of Lassie to update my website. Was worried about Tucker—I had let him out on the deck, where he remained happily until I brought him in for his walk, and abruptly he was throwing up what looked like bile. I walked him slowly and then he slept until James got home, which perked him up considerably.

We had supper at Hibachi Grill, where it seemed like they oversalted everything tonight, and then just came home. I was trying to finish a book but half watching a new show on HGTV, We Bought the Farm, which is House Hunters with smallholders. Meh. When I took Tucker out for the last time tonight the wind had freshened and the scent of smoke was back.


Once again, I spent a happy day off. I went about my town and drove home. I walked my dog and talked with my bird, and was able to have supper with my husband. And I can do this all freely because some man or woman offered their time and perhaps even their life to defend my country and my freedoms. Thank you to all those who serve and who have served. We owe you so much.

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