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» Sunday, November 06, 2016
Let There Be Light...Almost

Sigh...well, it was a partially successful day. Unfortunately what we didn't succeed at we fouled up really good.

The nice thing was waking up this morning actually feeling rested. We went to bed by Daylight Savings Time at 12:30 a.m., but woke up at eight on Eastern Standard Time having slept eight hours. I was alert and didn't have the rotten headache I had all day yesterday. But then EST makes me feel good.

Despite getting up that early, we didn't get out of the house until almost ten. I needed sandwich bread, so we went to the Kroger at Dallas Highway and did our shopping. We found 100 watt and 75 watt LED bulbs there, so we decided not to go to Lowes. Once home, we put the perishables away and started in on the light bulbs. We finally have all the awful CFLs out of the house. They will go to electronics recycling. There are now two 100-watt equivalent LEDs in the garage that don't have to warm up—that was aggravating; wanting to look for something in the garage and having to wait for the CFLs to get to 100 watts.

I was having trouble seeing in the laundry room, so we put in a 60-watt LED equivalent in the laundry room fixture (I wanted a 75 up there, but the 75 bulbs are too big for the fixture) and discovered that the bulb in there was original to the house! No wonder it was so dim. Also put another 60-watt equivalent in the hallway to replace another CFL that took forever to warm up, wasn't bright enough, and was starting to buzz.

Then the bad luck took over. The downstairs bath has the sink in one room; the tub and the toilet in another. It was too small for the door to the toilet/tub area, so James took the door off and brought it into the attic. There is a waterproof (well, presumably) canister light fixture over the bathtub and James got it popped out—we'd hoped the plastic clear cover might twist off, but no. So he gets the fixture out, but the light bulb inside it will not fit through the hole in the top of the fixture, either to get the blown-out bulb out or to get the new bulb in! We don't see any way else to get the fixture open (no screws or other fasteners). James put it back where it belonged, but it's still Stygian darkness in there.

To compound that failure, we tried to replace the bulb in the ceiling fan fixture in the library. We've done this before; it comprises taking the whole bottom part of the fixture off. Got it unscrewed and down, James started to unscrew the light bulb—and the glass part broke off leaving the screw part. Easy, get a plier to unscrew it, right? Nope. Wouldn't come loose period. The plier just broke off bits of the metal screw part, so half of it's in bits in the rug and the rest is still in the socket. Grrrrr. So we will have to replace the socket, I guess, and there's still no big light in the library. It shouldn't be this hard to replace light bulbs!

James was pretty ticked off and had to sit a while to calm down. He was bemoaning the fact earlier that we could only find about four flavors of low-sodium soup, and none of them had beef in them. So he made his own today: no salt beef broth, rinsed canned mixed vegetables, and canned roast beef, and set it to simmer altogether on the stove for a few hours. Smelled nice and he had some for supper. He also had to make himself some breakfasts; homemade burritoes and thin sandwich roll "McMuffins" with Eggland eggs, 97 percent fat free hamburger, some Rotel tomatoes, and spices. I had chicken broth and rice for supper and we read the paper and watched Rick Steves, AFV, The Durrells in Corfu, and Alaska: the Last Frontier. 

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