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» Sunday, November 13, 2016

So we slept in a little this morning; won't be able to do it next weekend as we will need to be up early for recycling day on Saturday and James is working on Sunday so he can have Black Friday off. I can't believe we are almost halfway through November already. October went by beautifully, not too slow or too fast, and now November is speeding away!

The smoky smell and grit in the air was back, which was a pain as we headed out after breakfast. At least it was chilly, which kept the air from being stagnant as well. Clouds hung over the house as we emerged from the house. Sam's Club's electric carts are so undependable that we loaded the power chair for this trip. Had to get Skinny Pop, mushrooms, trash bags, and milk, and had to search around the store for the first, as they had rearranged again to get all the Christmas items in. We passed some Eddie Bauer brand slippers that were ninety dollars. Are you kidding me?

On the way home we stopped very quickly at Publix so I could pick up eggs, yogurt, lettuce, bananas, and a paper. And I didn't pick up anything extra! :-)

We spent the rest of the afternoon getting rid of old computer junk, rather than being stuck doing it on Friday night. James had taken home a discarded server from work many years ago and we'd paired it with an old monitor and left it in the library just in case the kids got bored at one of our parties and wanted to play computer games. That never happened, and now everyone has a phone with games on it, so it's barely been used. We brought that all out in the garage to dump into boxes to take to Jim Miller Park next Saturday morning, plus an old light James uses when modeling that has completely burnt out. The last thing I need to extricate is a window fan that has burned out its bearings, and that will be it (I think) for the load. It's been piling up because they didn't bother announcing it online last year and calling them is like talking to a tree.

We also put aside some salty food James can't eat anymore to give to Alice for her church's food pantry, and cleaned out some expired stuff. Our trash can is already overflowing and we don't have trash collection until Thursday!

This took most of the afternoon. James made pork for supper and we spent the evening with AFV, The Durrells in Corfu, and Alaska: the Last Frontier. So sorry to hear that Charlotte's mother has died! I love Otto and Charlotte.

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