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» Friday, November 04, 2016
C'mon, Fall, Push That Bastard Summer Out the Door...

The first thing I did this morning was get a good eight hours' sleep. It's worth more than gold.

I had several errands I needed to do this morning. We want to put in some LED lightbulbs downstairs, so my first stop was Lowes. On the way there stopped to take a photograph of a magnificent autumn tree in Hurt Road Park. Our trees are pretty much either turning yellow slowly or turning brown and dropping leaves, so this was quite a surprise, all scarlet, orange, and yellow trimmed with a remaining bit of green. Lowes had some nice prices on LEDs; I got a pair of 40s for the hall bath and a set of three 60s for the downstairs bath. Then I killed a few minutes by wandering around Office Max, since I've never lost my delight in perusing stationery stores.

I was feeling like soup, so I headed to the Panera Bread at the Avenue at West Cobb and dipped my baguette in my chicken noodle soup and scrolled through Facebook. Then I popped into Barnes & Noble to see if there was anything fit to buy with this weekend's 15 percent off coupon. Found a couple of things but decided to wait for James to go with me. I did pick up a pair of new Christmas magazines and the newest "Blue Ridge Country" which I would have bought just for the autumn cover. My final fun stop was at Yankee Candle to check out the new scents. The new fragrance they're pushing is "Christmas Thyme" as in "pine with." Didn't like it at all. Funny how the "Mistletoe" scent smells more like a Christmas tree than "Balsam and Cedar."

My last stop was Publix for a few twofers and a contribution to the Can Bank.

When I pulled into the driveway I checked to see if there was mail and figured that while I was out there (despite the fact it was about 78 bloody degrees) I'd take the fall mailbox cover off and put the Thanksgiving one up. And since I did that I put the Thanksgiving banner up as well as well as the wreath.

(I started a Thanks jar on Tuesday and am very happy to see James is using it, too.)

Spent the rest of the afternoon doing chores. I put the 40 equivalent LED bulbs in the hall bath (one was burnt out, so I figured it would be a good time to replace them) and I don't like them. They are "warm white" because they didn't have "soft white" in 40s and the light is still too harsh. I tried putting two of the 60s downstairs to replace the CFLs (I am getting rid of the four we have by electronics recycling day; I hate the rotten things) and they were just too bright. We will need to get more 40s.

James and I went to Ken's Grill for supper. There was a terrible accident down by the railroad tracks: at least one ambulance, a rescue squad, a fire truck, and two police cars. Scares me to death. Hope everyone got out okay. Afterwards we went to Barnes & Noble. I bought The Further Adventures of Ebenezer Scrooge with my coupon and we noticed that Eve and Eivan Kilcher (from Alaska: the Last Frontier) have a cookbook out. Gift idea!

So we came home and spent the evening watching Hawaii Five-0 since tonight's episode made us five weeks behind. The episode with the psycho psychiatrist nearly did both of us in when Steven and the profiler lady were trapped in the underwater cave. We were both getting claustrophobic and we finally fast-forwarded through that part. I'm starting to get homesick for the old days when you didn't want to curl up in a fetal position while watching TV.

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