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» Friday, October 21, 2016
Seeking Formula to Make Other Cars Vanish

After almost a week of wretched high 80s—we beat the record high on Wednesday, f'Gossakes—it was happiness itself to wake up this morning to find it in the 50s, cloudy, and breezy. I had to wear my jacket to take Tucker out for his walk and it was so nice I doubled the distance we usually walk. In this type of weather I can walk for hours.

I was hoping to make a quick trip to JoAnn this morning, maybe stop at Michael's, and visit the Barnes & Noble at Town Center because they have the best selection of cross-stitch magazines, and then still have some afternoon for crafting. I got most of that done, but getting home early wasn't to be—traffic was absolutely abominable. Just for the heck of it I asked the GPS to take me to JoAnn and instead of a more direct route it took me south before going north and then wanted me to go south again instead of just turning left and going the final few miles. I had a 60 percent off JoAnn coupon and used it on some nice neon pens, plus some pretty sale glass beads and Crayola metallic pencils. From there I went directly to the Barnes & Noble and was rewarded with two lovely British cross-stitch magazines with gift kits, one with a gift calendar. I was tempted by a Georgette Heyer Christmas mystery, but in the end didn't get it.

Since James can't eat at Tin Drum anymore, I've been going on my own. There's no Tin Drum at Kennesaw any longer, so my shortest route would have been to hop the freeway and go south. Today there was some sort of holdup on I-75, so I went back the way I came, which was a bad idea as traffic around and in downtown Marietta was backed up. I could see if it were lunch hour but it was nearly 1:30 at that point. I had to keep avoiding traffic jams and it took me 45 minutes to go 11 miles.

I finally had my lunch about two while reading one of the magazines I bought, then had to sit in a long, long line at Costco waiting to fill up. The lines at the Costco gas station on a work day are absolutely amazing.

Now I should have been able to go home, but I had to go back over to the car place. Yesterday I had taken Twilight over the the Napa Auto Center to get the switches for the automatic windows replaced, my oil changed, and my car inspection done. Well, apparently the emissions inspection machine is supposed to give you a certificate number to make it "legitimate," but it hadn't given me one. So he had to do the emissions inspection again (no charge) to get me that certification number. Thank goodness! The renewals for our license plates will be coming any day now.

Didn't get home until three o'clock and frittered away the rest of the afternoon watching Lassie and updating the appropriate season page on my Lassie website. When James got home we had supper at Ken's, and then went to Publix to pick up some twofers. James found a chocolate orange black tea on the clearance shelf. He can't try it tonight due to the caffeine, but hopes to try it tomorrow morning. If he likes it we will go back to get the rest.

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