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» Sunday, October 02, 2016
Seasick Without the Water

A less exciting day. We slept eight hours, but it didn't appear to improve anything. We popped a fruit bar each and went to Kroger as quickly as possible, but all the handicapped spaces were taken already. Plus James had two carts misbehave on him; neither was properly charged. But we got through the store, even through the Damn Bananas. :-)

James decided to make homemade "burritos" instead of the salty purchased ones, but he needed eggs. We also thought we would go by the two closest Walmarts and see if they still had calf-length diabetic socks, although from my search online, it seems that the Walmart stores do not stock them anymore. I had the idea to run in, see if they had the socks; if they did I would call James in and he would return the crew length ones and get those instead. But the Walmart near Floyd Road did not have any, and by the time I got in there I was feeling queasy. James saw my face and took me home and we gave up on the sock mission. We'll just order them online.

James went off to Publix to get eggs on his own and I took refuge in the bathroom for a while, then put on some cooler clothes. The queasiness eventually went away and I finished re-reading the unabridged Rilla of Ingleside.

James made his wraps, finishing just in time for me to cook the Enormous Sprouts Chicken Drumsticks for supper. We had those with some chicken Rice-a-Roni. Normally this is rather salty, so before I added the seasoning mix, I got rid of about a third of it. It came out tasting less "chickeny," but definitely much less salty.

Another Sunday evening watching animated Star Trek ("Once Upon a Planet" and "Mudd's Passion") and the original series ("Spectre of the Gun").

It's gotten warm enough again that we've had to close the windows. C'mon, cold front!

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