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» Sunday, October 23, 2016
Laid-Back Sunday

It was nice and chilly last night. I slept with the flannel sheet and the fleece, which I love; nothing better than being all curled up under blankets. That's probably why I don't sleep well in summer; I love coverings, but not being hot. Outside it was 42°F, inside a nice 66, a cloudless sky. Too bad it was going up to 75 today. Friday was so perfect.

Once we'd eaten breakfast, it was our usual Sunday trip to Kroger. Since Smyrna's bread is so icky and the Battle Ridge store's bakery so unreliable, we went back up to the store at Dallas Highway. Found ripe bananas instead of the eternally green ones at Smyrna, plus nice looking rolls, bought some mortadella for lunch and James is trying some "low sodium" American cheese. Added to our tea collection. ☺

When we got done we put the milk, the cheese, the mortadella, the crumbled turkey sausage, and the yogurt in the insulated bag so we could go across the street to the Hallmark store. They are running a BOGO on Christmas cards, paper, and other miscellaneous items. We had to wait ten minutes until they opened. It might have been a nice moment next to the little fountain they have in the nearby wall, but it was ruined by canned music coming from hidden speakers. I'm so tired of being "amused." Could have listened to the water and the birds and instead we have to listen to someone caterwauling. Anyway, I'm overflowing with Christmas wrap and have cards for a while, but found a "Peanuts" card design that was delightful, and paired it with a vintage wreath design, plus we bought two specialty ornaments for gifts.

We didn't have any other errands to run or things to buy, so we just went home. We ate lunch. I watched a couple of episodes of Lassie and last week's Elementary, finished a couple of book reviews for NetGalley. James made himself burritos for the week and cleaned the stove. I also "loaded up" the tier dish James bought for me. Publix had had a twofer deal on both Weight Watchers desserts and FiberOne brownies awhile back and we still had all the boxes on the dining room table. I emptied all the boxes and now we have a "dessert display." At least it looks better, and we can see we have dessert for weeks!

We had supper about six (Asian salad with chicken) and then waited for this year's "Treehouse of Horror" on The Simpsons. Don't watch the latter anymore, but "Treehouse" is always fun.

If you get to see it, that is. The fugly football game ran 44 minutes over and when they started up the programming it was stupid Bob's Burgers, the next show. Grrrr. Then it was the next part of The Durrells in Corfu (with a litter of the cutest puppies!), a short pause for a dog walk, and finally Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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