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» Sunday, October 09, 2016
If You Like It, It Goes Away

When I woke this morning, at about a quarter till nine, James was already up. I could smell his breakfast (eggs, onions, and something) and Snowy was singing at the top of his lungs. I guess I slept through the night (almost; I woke up once with my mouth dry and not being able to breathe because my nose was stuffed from all that fresh air and ragweed pollen from yesterday, and again at 6:30 to use the bathroom), and was feeling quite human—unlike the 5:50 a.m. wakeup nightmare on weekdays—as I ate my oatmeal and yogurt.

I needed bread for sandwiches at work this week. I'll sure be glad when that is over. I like Kroger's sandwich buns the best, but they're expensive, and not every Kroger makes them correctly. I've tried other buns, breads, etc. Most are dry, some are doughy, Publix' Chicago rolls are nice, but they get hard if you look at them sideways. Hence I've settled on the Kroger rolls, but even that is dicey: If I go to the Smyrna Kroger, they scatter cornmeal all over the baking pans to keep the bread from sticking and their buns are always embedded with gritty, sandy cornmeal. If I go to Battle Ridge they will more often than not say "Oh, we don't have any." Why is there a bakery, then? Aren't you supposed to keep it supplied with baked goods?

So we went to Dallas Highway. They make wonderful buns, and the only problem is to keep them through next week without them molding (the very last bun from the last batch of Kroger rolls came out of the breadbox this morning looking like it belonged in Alexander Fleming's lab). James picked up ground turkey to make burritos. We got a gallon of distilled water for his C-PAP machine humidifier. And we finally found him an affordable tea infuser so he can drink the loose-leaf tea he bought at the Yellow Daisy Festival.

Once that was put up, we decided to go out to Hiram to the big Michael's there. Silly wasting a 50 percent off coupon on a lesser-supplied store. I was looking for some decorative plastic leaf buttons; I need them for the Country Pickin's shadowbox I am converting to a Thanksgiving-themed one, since they don't make one. The woman at Country Pickin's uses the same leaves; I can see where she clipped the shanks off the buttons on the ones I pried off a plaque that I'm repainting.

Guess what. Yep, Michael's doesn't carry them anymore. They have discontinued them. Grrr. Just like the goat's milk moisturizer. I was able to use my coupon on a set of paint pens.

Not only that, but James let me off at the Target next door so I could pick up a couple of more Litehouse Salad Blends herbs. Guess what...

However, we did see some cute dogs and kittens for adoption at the Petsmart next to Michael's. They had three adorable ginger kittens, one of whom stuck out an imploring paw at me. I hate when they use the paw. The rest of the little dogs for adoption were all chihuahua crosses—do people with chihuahuas just not neuter or spay them?—and one was a dead ringer in size and face for Tucker, except that he had short hair. He wasn't paying attention to any of the people; he was just looking around at "outside" as if all he did was want to explore.

As we drove home, I found the leaf buttons I was looking for at a craft outlet. I ordered a few more miniature fall items and was able to check out through, and we weren't even halfway home yet.

Came home to work more on the shadowbox (re-painting) while James made burritos. Once he had those done, we headed for Longhorn and Jessica Elder's birthday party. We had a great time, even if they did get some of the bills all messed up. I guess you have to put up with that if you have twenty people at dinner. I don't think Juanita's prime rib even saw the grill, though; that was not medium rare.

Dog walking is over and now it's time for Alaska: the Last Frontier. Funny, they say there are two new episodes tonight, but the season premiere isn't until next week? Eh?

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