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» Sunday, October 30, 2016
Help, I'm Melting

This rotten heat wave has been the limit. Who wants it in the 80s on the weekend before Hallowe'en? It was so warm we had to shut all the windows in the house and go back on A/C. At least there was a nice breeze outside at lunchtime on Friday—I slept through it all.

For supper on Friday we went to Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint (I am really enjoying that fresh basil on top), which made a trip to Sprouts next door pretty natural. Like Trader Joe's, this place is just oozing with pumpkin-flavored everything. They had a big display in the area where the carts go that included pumpkin spice oatmeal and pumpkin "loops" (like Fruit Loops). We bought more potatoes and some of Sprouts' great beef bits, but the best part was finding the Litehouse Salad Blend herbs there. Now we don't have to drive out to Hiram for them. And since Publix was directly across the street, it was natural to go there next for the twofers. They had chicken leg quarters again, so we have four dinners on reserve now (one is for Sunday). However, there were no bananas. Urgh.

We were on our way home when we realized we had not bought eggs and there were none in the house. Oh, well. We went to Kroger, got the eggs, got the milk (hm, still no bananas) and shopping was over for the weekend. Yayyyyy!

Plus—I made it through Friday, and now I don't have to work any more Fridays until the first week in January. Thank goodness!

We had no plans for the weekend, the first one to be free this month, so we slept in on Saturday, then did a few errands: used a coupon at CVS for BreatheRights, then stopped at Nam Dae Mun. None of our grocery stores carry Kikkoman reduced sodium teriyaki sauce, so we have to go there to get it. Picked up ginger tea as well. Finally we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond—goodness, they already have a bunch of Christmas things up—to pick up a new 12-inch saute pan and also the egg rings James wanted to make his own breakfast sandwiches (using two coupons). I picked up a new dog blanket for Tucker for Christmas with the third.

James said the curry at Tin Drum was not too salty, so we walked down there to have lunch, then finished up at Barnes & Noble. I was very thrilled to see a new book about Thanksgiving. It's so difficult to find books about Thanksgiving that are not cookbooks.

It was only midafternoon, but well up into the 80s, so we just came home for the rest of the day. The heat is really making me ill after having so many nice days in the 70s. It's like spring when it first gets warm; my joints ache. Read most of the afternoon, picked at fruit and a bun and milk for supper, since lunch had been so filling, and watched Father Brown, Rosemary & Thyme, and the Britcoms to close out Saturday.

James seemingly can't sleep after eight anymore, so he got up and walked Tucker this morning and had breakfast while I tried to sleep in. My left leg was hurting, so I slept, but not well, but got up at 9:30 and had breakfast.

Next we had a very important errand to do: "drown" the dog. At least that's how Tucker sees it. He hasn't had a bath since after James got out of the hospital, so we brought him over to the "dog wash" at Petco (formerly "Unleashed by Petco"), where a big labradoodle was already getting bathed. His owner was doing a trim job on him, too, so he was there when we got there and still there when we left. Tucker took long enough. I took a stripping brush to him today while he was soaped and got five big chunks of fur off him, and then another after I rinsed him. But now he's all bright and clean, and James bought him some dog biscuits while he waited, and I picked up some birdseed for Snowy.

I had to walk over to Publix next door, too, to get distilled water for the C-PAP machine, but they did have bananas. So I'm all ready for a new week at work. yippee.

We came home, cleaned the blankets out of Tucker's crate (this is usually surprising, because Tucker snitches stuff out of the wastebasket, and it's always amazing to see what he's got squirreled away in there: paper towels, napkins, plastic wrappers...), and then left him with some cookies. We had a 10 percent off coupon to Cost Plus World Market and went there to work on a gift we are putting together for Christmas. I couldn't remember if I liked marzipan or not, so one of the things I bought was a dark-chocolate covered marzipan bar. (I tried it later; I don't. I know it's ground almond, and I love almonds, but they always use almond flavoring, which doesn't taste the same.)

I had one of my 20 percent off coupons with me, so James went by Barnes & Noble so I could run in and get the Thanksgiving book. By then the heat had us both feeling bad, so we came home and had some soup for lunch and sort of half watched something called Building Alaska. After that I was reading "Outdoor Photographer" (some killer shots of fall scenery), so I put low music on and eventually had a nap (James had his earlier) and when I woke up supper (chicken leg quarters and mushroom rice) was nearly done. Later it was time for America's Funniest Home Videos, The Durrells in Corfu, and Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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