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» Saturday, October 22, 2016
Friends, Fairs, Feasts and Fluffy Clouds

Well, it's been a lovely day, and it started out with a delicious sleep because it was so cool outside—high forties last night. I wasn't too hot or too cold, but nice and snug under a flannel sheet and a regular sheet. And I believe eight hours sleep was involved, a definite plus. When we got up the house temp was only at 66°F, and I'd left the spare room window open.

We had Hair Day this morning, so I gave Tucker a nice walk in the brisk morning air and then we grabbed our glazed carrot contribution and skedaddled. We were particularly eager to get there to see Lin this morning—she was only just released from hospital yesterday after suffering a heart attack and having a stent put in. Thankfully, even with some health problems she has, she did not have to while away her time in the hospital getting her kidneys in shape. Her only problem at the moment is being unable to eat, so while we had all that good food spread upon the table at lunchtime—roast chicken, oven-baked potatoes, our glazed carrots, and dinner rolls—she couldn't eat anything but the rolls. Hope she is feeling better soon.

Meanwhile it was the usual chat: current events, families, illnesses, upcoming events. Phyllis bought Ron and Lin a Death Star tree topper and they tried it out: it flashes red and green to the "Imperial March" and white and blue to the Star Wars theme. Their tree gets more fannish every year: football, fantasy, SF and more. Always neat to see what they've added to it!

Note to self: Pet Penelope on her head. She does not like you petting her tail, and I have the cat scratch to prove it. How she glowered at me! :-)

We left about two with the rest of the day ahead of us. It was so nice and cool and breezy today that we wanted to go to the Jonquil Festival instead of tomorrow when it would be in the 70s. But first we had to swing by James' work to get the insulin he'd left behind yesterday. Once that was finished, and since we had to go past the house to get to downtown Smyrna anyway, we did stop to pick up my hat, put the remainder of the carrots up, and take Tucker with us. Now this is rather like taking a hyperactive three-year-old to a museum with you, but I think we all had fun. We found a recently vacated parking place behind the library, unloaded the power chair, let Tucker do his business in the bushes, and then had a nice stroll past all the booths. We bought a couple of things for a Christmas gift, sampled the dips, ooohed over the beautiful wood items, and finally came upon a lady who was selling two- and three-tier ceramic dishes in various themes. Now I need one of these like I need a hole in the head, but she had two beautiful autumn/Thanksgiving designs that were just so pretty that James bought me the one I liked best for our anniversary. It's square and has bright leaves and a pretty Thanksgiving sentiment on the middle tier. Surprisingly, we saw no dog biscuit salesmen; the Lose a Finger people weren't there. Neither were the caramel people. Rats.

Tucker enjoyed himself getting petted by friendly strangers and sniffing noses with canine compatriots. Probably the two prettiest dogs were the two different Shetland Sheepdogs, both sable and white, with lush, plush coats, one with a nice blaze like Lassie, but the cutest dog had to be this little female ginger-colored terrier named Roxy. She was a third smaller than he was, but jumped right at him to sniff his nose and then the usual doggy places, and was so forward that he jumped back in surprise. There would be a girl to keep him in his place!

James picked up some jambalaya and red beans and rice for supper, and we had some lemonade. I was tempted by the barbecue, but didn't feel like having it come up on me all night, so I skipped it. We took Tucker home and put him back up in the dining room, then went out again. James wanted to stop by the Publix we had shopped at last night to get whatever was left of the clearance tea he had bought: chocolate orange flavored black tea. He had tried some this morning before we left and loved it. I just jumped out and went in myself, buying the two that were left and then four more boxes of the Chamomile Lemon, which he also likes.

Then we went on to Barnes & Noble to enjoy ourselves for an hour. I picked up a couple of clearance items and a copy of the new "Breathe." We had 15 percent off coupons, but I didn't find anything I wanted and he couldn't decide between the new Travis Taylor book or the new Harry Turtledove book about the Cold War, so I bought him the latter for our anniversary. By then we were kind of "out of gas" and came home. I ended up just having some cereal because it was the easiest thing to eat that wouldn't come up on me, and later it was the usual Saturday night of Rosemary and Thyme, Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes By, and French Fields.

Plus the mind-boggling news that the Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series. The underdogs finally win!

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