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» Friday, October 07, 2016
Drumming and Stocking and One Rainbow to Boot

Checked off a few things today, including getting eight hours sleep!

After breakfast and dog walking (the weather was wonderful, a bit humid because of the clouds, but no sun and a breeze!), went off to Barnes & Noble with my 20 percent off coupon and picked up Laurien Berenson's The Bark Before Christmas. James has been so sober lately that I wanted to cheer him up, so I picked up Alton Brown's new book for him, too; it was already on discount. [I told him when I gave it to him that I'd trade a smile for a book. And he did smile. He loves Alton Brown.] By then it was time for lunch, and I had a coupon for Tin Drum.

What a mess. There were people in there who had been waiting for a half hour. Apparently the workers came in to find a $300 order waiting, plus there were people who had ordered online and Uber drivers picking up peoples' lunches. I had to wait ten minutes just to put my order in, because the cashier was with the rest of the staff putting the online and the $300 order together. They lost at least a dozen customers because every time someone walked in, the people who were there so long would yell how long they'd been waiting. I actually had my food after twenty minutes of being in the place, and just read Facebook on my phone until and after I got served. Paid using their app and got the discount.

Now for the not-fun stuff: first I had to get gas at Costco and the line was nearly as long as Tin Drum. Apparently there are people who think the hurricane is going to affect our getting gasoline. Because I needed omeprazole, I had to go in, too, and since I was there I might as well stock up on the other stuff we needed: soap, toilet paper, Kleenex (it was on sale), chicken salad, a shirt for James, copies of "Christmas Cottage" and "Cooks Illustrated," and milk, of course. I could actually see my breath in the dairy room! Got a kick out of their Star Wars 15-inch figure playsets (yes, Christmas stuff is already out); you get Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren. Whatever would I do with that crybaby? Spank him?

(I felt so stupid. Lennox gave us a gift card "rebate" for buying their unit when we replaced the HVAC. I looked the card up online but forgot to note the PIN number, so couldn't use the card at Costco and had to charge all that stuff to my already overloaded credit card. Sigh.)

Stuffed the milk and the chicken salad in the insulated bag because I still had to stop at Publix. Not much there, but they had Mrs. Dash on BOGO and I got James a nice supply. Also got some lamb and Moravian cookies and, of course, a baguette.

James had gone to get his last infusion of "rust" (iron suppliments) at Kaiser and got home not long after I did. I was still stuffed to the gills with lunch, but eventually we went to Ken's for supper. As we drove up, there was a half-rainbow over the new Publix being built. I just had a grilled cheese sandwich and James had an omelet, and then we drove out to Dallas Highway as it is the only Barnes & Noble he can get around without the power chair. I spotted the new "Smoky Mountain Life" and got "Cross Stitch Crazy," with the cutest pattern of a sleeping fox. As we came out, the sky, which had been clear in the west and cloudy in the east from the effects of Hurricane Matthew, was now clouded over and you could see the trees that were starting to turn.

One more stop for James to get gas at Kroger and we were finally home. I had Snowy's cage in front of me while we watched Hawaii Five-0. He was singing little love songs to his water dispenser. :-)

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