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» Monday, October 10, 2016
Discovering Other Things to Do

I'm not sure what I had planned today, but I don't think it was updating a web page. But that's what it turned out that I did after sleeping late and taking the dog for a walk (I also washed towels, put up the Kleenex and toilet paper I bought, and tidied up the hall bath). An online friend had posted parts 1, 2, 3 and 7 of "Lassie the Voyager" to YouTube (the GRIT-TV channel apparently didn't show the other three parts), and I ended up watching all of them plus the highly edited compilation film that was made of the story back in the 1970s and using the information gathered from both to update my Lassie episode guide. For some idiot reason, when they syndicated the series, they pulled out all the three-or-more-part stories and made movies out of them, and now those episodes don't show up in the syndication package anymore. This is fine for the three-and-four parters; they turn into respectable 75 and 100 minute movies, respectively, which were transferred to DVD in Great Britain and which I own. But the five-part "Disappearance" and, even worse, the seven-part "Lassie the Voyager" do get considerably hacked. The "movie" of "Lassie the Voyager" shows 14 minutes of part one, six minutes of part two, most but not all of part three, 14 minutes of part four, and then 20 minutes each of parts six and seven, with part five skipped altogether. GRIT did at least show the missing bits from part one and restored the other 16 minutes to part two (which contained an entire subplot about a lighthouse keeper).

Happy to have the updates as my Lassie website is my most popular; I still get about a letter a week about it.

Also happy to have had James come home from the cardiologist feeling satisfied. He had a question he finally asked and got answered to his satisfaction.

For supper we  had tandoori pork chops and saffron rice with half the seasoning removed to cut down on the salt. I don't know what James replaced it with, but he added veggie flakes and it tasted delicious. Later on we watched tonight's The Ghost and Mrs. Muir with William Daniels as the guest star, and Big Bang Theory.

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