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» Saturday, October 15, 2016
Books and Paints and Other Great Things

Had a nice sleep-in, dog stroll, and breakfast this morning. No use in rushing because James was eventually leaving for his club meeting. Put PBS on for Snowy, and, after James left, I headed back to the book sale and found a few more things, including a couple of rocketry books from the 1950s for James. I'll be interested to read the Madeleine L'Engle story "Poor Little Saturday"; I've heard of it, but never read it.

When I finished there, I spent a happy hour immersing myself in the autumn and Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby. I found a little pumpkin with Thanksgiving sentiments on it and bought it for my desk at work, plus a few other things that were already on clearance, but used my coupon on a box of opalescent watercolors. Mostly I just reveled in the garlands and the pumpkins; looked at the Christmas things briefly, but not a lot at the individual ornaments. Unless they don't have all their stock in yet, they don't have as many vintage-looking craft items as last year. Pity. They had some pretty stuff in 2015 based on old Victorian "scraps."

From there I went home, made the bed, did a couple of other things, but finally dozed off on the sofa. When I got up about four, James was still not back from his meeting, so I decided to take the matte finish glaze he gave me and treat the items on the Thanksgiving shadowbox. Well, it worked perfectly on the turkey, the pie, the Pilgrim hat, and the little autumn lady. They look more like they belong with the other Country Pick'ns items. But evidently the art pen I used to write "Happy Thanksgiving" on the little signboard—which is labeled as "archival quality"—is liquid soluble and it smeared. Sigh. So I pried it off the shadowbox itself and pried the leaves off and sanded it down and started again. Now, I wasn't really happy about the bonnet and the collar on the autumn lady. The white looked too stark and unnatural and the ink had smeared a little on her, too. So I decided to use eggshell instead of white and opened up that little paint pot and stirred it up. I was about to dip my brush in it when the base of the whole collection of paint just tipped over and fell. Arrrgh! Luckily, while the eggshell paint made a big smear on the fleece cover I have on the seat of the old loveseat-sleeper that I use as a seat, the container actually landed open end up and the smear of paint was all I lost. I made the background color of the Thanksgiving signboard eggshell as well. Once the colors are dry, I will matte finish the two items first and then use the pen.

James finally arrived home. We needed to go to Sam's Club for Skinny Pop and mushrooms, so we tried to find somewhere around there to eat. We thought about Marietta Diner, but their food is expensive, and after last night's debacle, we didn't want another one. We settled on a Chinese buffet called Atlantic Buffet. Not bad. They had steak on the bar as well as pork roast and pork ribs. I didn't have the roast, but James said it was good, but not too salty. The ribs were outstanding. Their desserts are so-so. The lo mein was good, not salty at all. Hibachi Grill is still the best.

Glad we brought James' power chair with us because once again Sam's only had one cart and apparently it wasn't charging. We got the popcorn and the mushrooms and some Asian salad mix, but I was annoyed because the fresh milk was at the bottom where we couldn't get it and the milk on the top level was actually expired.

Came home in time to watch Britcoms. Should have gone to bed earlier, but French Fields is on at 10:00 and we've never seen it before. Those two never fail to make me laugh.

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