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» Sunday, October 16, 2016
Apples of Our Eye

It wouldn't have been so bad getting up at 6:25 this morning had not I had bad dreams all night (a snake that when crouched up looked like a dog?) and kept waking up being too warm. James said he didn't sleep all that well, either; nevertheless an hour later we were on our way up the freeway back toward Ellijay and the Georgia Apple Festival. It was half cloudy and we got spit on as we mounted the chair on the lift, so we covered it up with the tarp. Annoying that it has gotten warm again. We didn't even need extra clothing with the windows down. Otherwise it was a nice ride, and we listened to a "Splendid Table" with a segment about apples. I loved the guy talking about how he almost gave up on apples because all he'd ever eaten were Red Delicious. Well...they are red, yes. Delicious? No way.

We got there five minutes before opening and were going toward the gate when James discovered his wallet was missing. He was pissed because he just got cash out for the festival and now if he saw something for me he couldn't buy it, and of course he was worried about where it was. I ran back to the truck to look for it, but it wasn't there. He's sure he had it yesterday when we got home.

Anyway, we didn't buy much: got James a new wallet because he has so many cards they always split after a year, got him some pineapple pepper jam, and we got the last of our fudge for the year. The one thing I would have loved to have neither of us could afford: there's a lady there who hand-spins and then hand-weaves clothing from alpaca fleece. She had gloves, scarves, mittens, and these beautiful poncho shawls, not big bulky knits, but beautiful light garments. One almost was in peacock colors, but more muted, but my favorite was in autumn hues: reds and oranges on a beautiful brown. It was also $280.00. I don't begrudge her the money, but I just can't afford something like that. ::sigh::

We looked through all the booths and sampled foods and finally had some lunch: I had Philly cheesesteak without the cheese (I put onions on instead) and James had a burger and some fries (thankfully they were not salty). He sat in his chair and I found the end of a bench, and we ate leisurely and drank our lemonade, and when we looked up—holy moley, the crowds had arrived! So we were leaving just as the crowds came pouring in before lunchtime.

I drove home because since James didn't have his wallet he didn't have his driver's license, and we stopped at Panorama Orchards again on the return trip. Again, we were there before the crowd and were able to use the facilities, pick up another half peck of Granny Smith apples, some pot pie noodles, and some of the goat milk moisturizer (I could finally get near it on this trip—it was so crowded last week I couldn't get to them; they had the soap in my favorite scent, hyacinth, but not the moisturizer so I had to get wildflower instead).

The clouds that had sheltered us from the sun through most of the Lions' Club fairgrounds were gone, so we got sun- and windburned on the way home, but otherwise it was a nice ride with no traffic backups this week. I stopped at Publix for a newspaper and Those Damn Bananas, and looked for an egg ring for James in with the gadgets, but they didn't have one. (They didn't have biscuit cutters, either; what kind of Southern supermarket is this? ☺ ) My cheeks were so red and sore when we got in that I had to keep throwing cold water on them.

We did have a scare when James checked out the bureau and his wallet wasn't there. I even went back downstairs and searched the truck again. I asked "Did you check your desk?" but he didn't hear me. So he was almost starting to call Sam's Club, because it was the last place we saw the wallet, and then he saw it on his desk. But he was confused: "How did it get here?" And then I remembered. "James, what happened this morning? Remember? While you were eating breakfast?" He had the car keys in his pants' pocket and sat the wrong way and hit the panic button on my key fob. To shut it off, he had to pull the wallet out of his pocket before the keys, and he forgot to put it back. Whew.

The two of us both fell asleep when we got home, but we aren't used to all that sun. I read the little book about England I bought at the book sale: a nice combination of geography/sociology/history.

Later we had supper and watched a Rick Steves' episode, two animated Star Trek stories, the first part of The Durrells in Corfu, and finally the season premiere of Alaska: the Last Frontier.

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