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» Friday, September 23, 2016
Buy Two

I didn't quite make sleeping eight hours this morning, and then I had further delays, which don't bear discussing (besides the fact that I nearly screwed up Eudora trying to get rid of the excessive headers). Tucker had his walk, and Snowy was fed and offered television. Once everyone else was cared for, I set out for Buckhead to see if the fall "This England" had hit Barnes & Noble. No other B&N I know carries it.

Traffic wasn't bad until I got near the Atlanta History Center; they were having a flea market at the 1920s-era Swan House. Still, there was a lot of parking at B&N still.

I did find "This England," but B&N's classification system sometimes baffles me. I found "This England" with the art magazines. Not to mention I found "Lonely Planet" in with the crocheting magazines! Sadly, I did not find an issue of the current "Taproot," which I wanted to check out. I checked out the new books, but all I bought was the "This England" and a mindfulness magazine called "Breathe."

Home via the West Paces Ferry neighborhood, with only faint evidence of fall coming. Traffic was pretty good until I reached Cumberland Mall, then I had to wait in a long, long line at Costco, which had the cheapest gas. Finally I had some soup at Panera (again, just entering at "rush minute"; by the time I finished my soup, everyone was gone).

Then, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it was off to Publix I go for twofers, which I took advantage of, but I couldn't get a baguette and I forgot to get James' low-carb, low-sodium wraps.

By this time it was so hot, my sinus headache was so bad, and I was so short on sleep that I put everything up and crawled into the futon for the rest of the afternoon, rousing only when the garage door went up.

James had been at the doctor all afternoon. They say he is still anemic, so he has to have infusions of iron for three Fridays in a row and today was the first one. Traffic was so bad he got there late, so started late, and then had to go to Kaiser to pick up a prescription. His knee was giving him fits again, so we swapped cars. We ate at Hibachi Grill, where we could pick out lower salt choices (and more veggies for James), spent about an hour at Barnes & Noble on Dallas Highway, and then stopped briefly at Publix to pick up the wraps.

Except they didn't have any of that kind, just spinach and tomato and full carb. Rats. We'll have to hit another Publix tomorrow. I hate multiple supermarket trips.

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