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» Monday, August 01, 2016
Well, I Thought I Would Get to Rest...
...but all I did get to do was sleep until I was ready to wake up (which is a blessing since you don't have to chivvy to an alarm).

We went to pick up a few things at Costco today (actually we went for toothpaste and the only Colgate they had was paste, which James doesn't like). Picked up some low-sodium chicken burgers for lunches for James, orange juice, no-salt seasoning (generic Mrs. Dash), a couple of meds, and I bought an autumn magazine and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. We also fed the car since gas at Costco was cheap, cheap, cheap.

Then we stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a scale as suggested at Northside to head off any edema forming again, and were going to go to Sam's Club (in hope of toothpaste, Skinny Pop—good snack for James because it's low sodium, and mushrooms), but the traffic was horrific and I was already exhausted from driving again.

So we spent the afternoon putting the kitchen back together after John and Betty helped me empty it out after the Attack of the Ants. We have decided to get rid of one of the spice racks and the old tomato sauce jars we had saved to put other things in. James put the plastic containers away as well, and I spent the rest of the afternoon reading Cursed Child, which made me cry.

We had pork schnitzel for dinner, just sauteed with no breading, with just garlic and onion salt and some onions on it, with ramen noodles (rinsed) on the side and James had peas. It was such a change from that horrible hospital food. Yummy.

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