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» Tuesday, August 02, 2016
Tired to the Bone
I keep thinking a good night's sleep will refresh me, but I'm not having a good night's sleep yet: still wake up thinking I'm in the hospital (never woke up at the hospital thinking I was at home). I crawl out of bed with muscles still aching from that foldout chair that turned into a very hard and uncomfortable bed. The worst part is that I feel still strangely disconnected from everything. James had to order more test strips for his diabetes meter and they weren't showing up online, so we had to truck out to Kaiser to refill the prescription. I feel like everything I see is on a television screen in front of me rather than being real; the only thing real is the heat and the humidity, but the rest is like a classroom filmstrip. I wonder how long it is going to take me to make a connection again. In the meantime it is quite disconcerting and eerie.

We had a bit of a scare this morning. James was sitting at his computer and watching a video about Babylon 5 when he suddenly reported feeling lightheaded. I had him go into the spare room and lie down, and did all the tests: asked if he had chest or arm pressure or pain (no), did the FACE test (or whatever it's called to determine if someone has a stroke, since he is on blood thinners), checked his sugar (not high for immediately after breakfast), took his pulse (which was 62 resting), and anxiously kept an eye on him. The light headed feeling went away, to be replaced by a minor headache. Luckily the pharmacist called to make sure James had no problems with his new medicines, and said that both his new blood pressure drug and the Plavix could make him light headed; to just make sure the dizzy feeling did not last too long, went away after lying down, and when to call 911.

I did two loads of clothes today, but never did get the dog to the dog wash. James has started a project to cut down on his BBC "Good Food" magazine collection, which is to just cut out the recipes that interest him: good plain soups and meat and vegetable dishes, no fancy cakes or paté items, or rich desserts, a few commonsense big things for Hair Day, stuff like that. We got in from Kaiser just in time to miss a rainstorm and had a whopper of one that beat against the windows.

Supper was baked chicken legs (skin removed) with Litehouse Salad bits and ginger and a very small sprinkling of salt, with a big cucumber/tomato/onion salad and a 90-calorie brownie for dessert. James has been making tea regularly since he came home, so I hope all the drinking is doing his kidneys some good.

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