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» Sunday, August 28, 2016
On the Edge of Fall

It was very nice sleeping until after nine this morning, and I was very happy with the new FitBit, which tracks your sleep automatically instead of your having to remember to set it to sleep mode when you turn out the light and then wake it up in the morning.

After breakfast and lunch, we went out to Acworth to spend an hour or so at Books-a-Million. Neither of us bought any books, but we treated ourselves to a medium frozen hot chocolate, which we shared, and I bought the October issue of "Blue Ridge Country." (Why, yes, it has fall photographs in it; why do you ask? ☺) I also bought a copy of the autumn issue of a magazine whose previous issue I had checked out at Barnes & Noble, "Bella Grace." This is one of those artsy women's lifestyle/mindfulness magazines with beautiful paper and room for journaling, so I figured if I was going to spend that much, I'd do it for a season I loved. ☺

We stopped at JoAnn on the way home; I had a couple of coupons and I needed superglue and James needed a new bulb for his Ott light. (I wish I known this when I had a 50 percent off coupon; those things are expensive!) I also picked up an interesting-looking magazine called "Herb Quarterly." They have some lovely flannel-covered fall-themed pillows in plaid patterns. We don't need new sofa pillows, but they are awfully tempting at half price. We came home through one of my favorite routes, the Kennesaw National Battlefield Park.

Had "teriyaki" turkey with Asian salad fixings and frisee for supper (with the peach vinegar as dressing, and wasn't that good!), and later watched Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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