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» Saturday, August 20, 2016
Hunting Pokemons and Food

Well, I had a good week at work. I got a nice bargain for one end user and after a week of badgering got a quote out of a vendor who's notoriously hard to reach. I was feeling pretty pleased when I logged off Friday afternoon.

We decided to have supper at the West Cobb Diner. James decided to have turkey and just happened to choose the night when the gravy was really salty. :-( Wish he'd had something else. Luckily his portion was smaller than mine. I took about a third of mine home and scarfed up both of my cucumber/tomato salads. We made a brief stop at Staples so I could get some correction tape, then we spent an hour at Barnes & Noble on Dallas Highway. For dessert we stopped at Brusters since we had a free cone coming.

I had the Pokemon Go game going the whole time and I caught a bunch of the little critters; more Pidgeys (a cardinal like bird), several Rattatas (rat critters), a Zabat (weird bat), and a couple others. It kept nagging me for going too fast and saying "Don't play while driving!" Good God, who would be dumb enough to do that?

Later I put on some of the Olympic jumping.

Furious when I got up this morning because I had another of those nagging dreams all bloody night. I wish I could fix it so I didn't have to dream. Really. There was something I had to put together or fix or some nonsense and I couldn't do it until other parts were done or I had done it backwards and now had to wait to reassemble it (not remembering what "it" was) because one part had to fit into the's maddening. Felt like I tossed and turned all night.

Had a quick breakfast and then went to Sam's Club to stock up on Skinny Pop (it is low sodium so James has been having it for a snack) and Chex. They had no big bags of Chex mix. Grr. Got milk, Kraft cheese, mushrooms, eggs, Swiffer wet cloths, and sugarless gum. James' cart, which ran very well through 2/3 of the store, was giving up the ghost by the time we started heading from the dairy case to the cashier. James had to stop it, start it, let it trundle on quickly until it slowed down to a crawl, and then repeat until he got up front.

We dropped the stuff off at home and had lunch at Hibachi Grill (it's cheaper for lunch). James loaded up on veggies and fruit and mushrooms with meat around the edges; I had a little chicken, a little beef, some shrimp, seafood salad, and lots of cucumbers and tomatoes. Then we went to check out the new Austell Farmer's Market. This is basically an ethnic grocery store, not as good as Nam Dae Mun as a whole and nowhere near Buford Highway Farmer's Market, but they have tons of alternative spices, they do carry Belgian endive (unlike Nam), and had lamb steaks, which Buford hasn't had in a while. Found an aged steak and some Luigi's lemon Italian ices, which James had in the hospital and liked.

Had coupons for JoAnn, but by the time we got home I was hot and sticky. Summer is when I'm at my crossest, and today was a prime example. We just stayed in the rest of the afternoon. Had rhythmic gymnastics on for a while; what wonderful things those girls can do with balls, hoops, and ribbons! I took a nap, James took a nap, it rained, I read from a bound volume of St. Nicholas. Finally we had a light supper (I had a peanut butter and preserve sandwich and James had some light soup). Watched The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and Ensign O'Toole off the DVR for a while, then put some Christmas music on while James went downstairs to model. It is so hot and stuffy downstairs I had to turn on the A/C down there.

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