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» Sunday, August 07, 2016
Food, Revised, and Other Stories

After my update on Friday, we headed to Kaiser at Town Center to get James' catheter incision checked. The bandage has stayed solidly on since last Friday, and James has not had any problem with it. The appointment went smoothly, and the nurse practitioner was extremely happy to find no bruising, swelling, or infection. I had to look at it myself; he's gotten worse cuts while shaving. What was there was a tiny scab no bigger than one of my pinky nails. Before we headed up there we had lunch at Ken's and ran into Jesse and Deb Medina. The waitress assured us that none of the meat was salted, so James ordered a small cheeseburger, and had about a dozen fries (also unsalted, as far as I could tell). I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a baked potato.

We stopped at Publix to pick up some twofers on the way home from Kaiser. This was James' first time at someplace commercial since his heart attack. Routine is good. :-) Found the fall "Country Sampler" there, too.

For supper we went to Giovanni's; I was dying for some real food: plain old macaroni and meatballs! We both brought at least half of what we ate home.

Saturday was a quiet day. James finished his project extracting recipes from "Good Food" and spent today sorting them. I made use of the NBC Sports app and watched a bunch of dressage on my tablet. (There was also some on TV this afternoon. For an hour including all the commercials. I think they showed about eight routines. Generous of you, NBC.) I also scrubbed the kitchen floor and mopped it down with vine and vacuumed.

For supper, we went to Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint. James had a mostly vegetable personal-size pizza (onions, mushrooms, diced tomatoes) with a little ground beef on a wheat crust. He hadn't had any carbs this morning, so we figured it would balance out in the end—it was fine this morning; his blood sugar was 102—and both of us brought pizza home. Me, I think I've found the perfect pizza. I had bacon, black olive, and diced tomatoes with no cheese, with fresh basil leaf scatted on top. Absolutely delicious (the basil gave it an extra "ooomph!"), and Uncle Maddio's makes wicked good crust.

We tried going to the Dallas Highway Barnes & Noble because that is small enough for James to hobble around without his chair, but one of his meds has messed with his stomach, and I just had time to peruse the books and buy a cross-stitch magazine before he needed to come home. Ah, well, maybe next weekend.

Today we went to Kroger and bought lean meat and veggie burgers among other things, and I spent most of the early afternoon watching more dressage, reading the paper and cutting out coupons, and reading "The Simple Things." Got on a House Hunters watching jag; haven't watched in a while, so these were all new. Found a couple in Atlanta who turned down a house for an ugly condo. Ew. James warmed up the pizza on the griddle so it was nice and crisp again for lunch, and we had leftover pork chops for dinner with mushroom rice. During the afternoon we slow cooked some pork ribs we found at Kroger, adapting a recipe we had that called for a cup of brown sugar! James only used a quarter cup of Splenda brown sugar, along with mustard and cinnamon. It smells heavenly and the finished product has a light sweet taste rather than it being overwhelming. I can see us serving it with some pineapple. We had to run the resulting sauce through the fat separator. Thank God for those things; ugh, don't want to eat that yucky grease. ::shudder::

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