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» Friday, August 26, 2016
Down, But Finally UP

Well, it looks like this is it. If James remains okay through next week, he will be going back to work. It's going to be hard to let him go alone. Oh, he's gone off to his club meeting alone, and to the store, and I sure can't keep him caged up or stuck in a bandbox. But it certainly makes me nervous.

I've actually been "back to work" since August 8, but it's been telework, and I can't tell you how reluctant I am to get in that car and drive on the freeway again. The longer I drive back and forth to work, the more frightened I am on every trip. People are driving crazier every day, darting across multiple lanes, swerving into openings in traffic, not paying attention at traffic lights; I've driven in Boston and in Los Angeles, and Atlanta traffic scares the daylights out of me. And that doesn't even cover the problems that are going to happen once they open The Monstrosity (the new Braves field) seven miles from our house! The traffic there is maniac now.

So we are trying to have a nice "final" weekend.

The last time we were near Perimeter Mall, I had spotted a "Giant Book Sale" in an old storefront. So today we decided to go check it out, since we needed to stop at the Container Store as well. So when we got to the building where the book sale was, we couldn't get to it; there was only one elevator to get to the second level and it was broken. The repairmen looked at James in his power chair and told us we would have to take the escalator!

We just shook our heads and went to the Container Store by way of Barnes & Noble, where James picked up some modeling magazines, and we bought him more lunch containers and a couple of shoe boxes to keep his no-salt seasoning packets in (the company just sent them dumped in a big cardboard box). Then we had lunch at Panera. He had to skip the soup (any of them are too salty) and instead had half a sandwich and a small version of his favorite salad.

Then we did pop over to the "Giant Book Sale." Yeah, lots of books, none that I wanted nor that I thought other people would want. I almost bought a sketchbook, but it was discounted at eleven dollars. I can get something less expensive at Michael's with a coupon!

It was hot and sticky by then, so we came home for a while to literally "chill out," then had dinner at Ken's Grill (they cook salt-free) and ran into Deb and Jesse Medina again. There was a 50 percent off coupon for Michael's for today only, and I figured I'd go in and see what they had in calligraphy paper, just a quick hop leaving James in the truck. However, this took longer than expected since the Michael's at Hargrove Plaza has been completely remodeled. When I walked in, I got lost in autumn and Hallowe'en, as all the seasonal things had been moved to the front. After rooting around for a while—the poor cross-stitch stuff has been stuffed in the corner of the back of the store—I just got some parchment calligraphy paper. However, they had some art things on sale half price for back-to-school, so I picked up another set of drawing pencils, some charcoal pencils, and another set of watercolor paints.

By the time we got home the sun had set, and I took Tucker outside. Whew! It's gotten hot again and it's smothery outside after dark.

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