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» Saturday, August 27, 2016
All Full of Vinegar and Vinegar

I would have thought that all that driving yesterday, in combination with one Ambien, would make James sleep like the proverbial top (one wonders how soundly a top sleeps), but he was up in the middle of the night making himself more sleepytime tea and reading. I didn't start sleeping soundly until after that, and when the alarm went off at eight I really didn't want to get up.

But we did get up and went to the Farmer's Market. Had to park in the back of Johnnie McCracken's pub because they were having yet another running event. Why don't they ever have these in good weather? Why would you want to run when it's in the 80s? Anyway, bought scones for dessert (and one for breakfast, as it turned out), tomatoes, more dog biscuits, some goat cheese, and sweet corn. The Local Exchange was open, so I treated myself to some flavored pretzels as well.

We had to go back to Sam's Club because at the rate we're eating Skinny Pop, we need more. I got three bags this time, plus found Chex snack mix which I will need when I go back to work, and milk. I broke down and got myself a new FitBit, the Alta. The one at Sam's came with an additional wristband in "plum." (If you remember, my old FitBit Flex met an unhappy end. I had to remove it when my wrists swelled up from an allergic reaction to the shingles vaccine last winter, and I'd left it on my computer desk. Somehow on trash night it got knocked off into the wastebasket and was taken away.) Once we had hurried the milk and cheese home, we were free to do something else a little more fun.

First we decided to have our big meal as dinner, so went to Olive Garden. We both just had pasta with meatballs, but James had the whole wheat in deference to his diabetes. The only bad thing was the salad dressing, which was very salty. We will see if there's an alternative next time.

Next we made a short stop at Barnes & Noble. They had a special 40 percent off coupon on coloring books, and I wanted to get a special one for someone. Happily, the fall "Just Cross Stitch" was out, and I got a "Cross Stitch Gold" with an autumn sampler.

I remembered we had wanted to go up to Woodstock to the olive oil/vinegar store that was next to Fox Tale Books. The bookstore looked like it was hosting some sort of event, and we had had to park in a very haphazard fashion because there is limited parking space there, so we skipped going in and just went to the Leaning Ladder. This is like the oil and vinegar store in Helen, GA, that we patronize which sells flavored olive oils and vinegars. There were many good vinegars, including a dark chocolate and a tangerine. But we both tasted the peach vinegar and exclaimed "Salad!" in near unison. It made me want to grab some baby greens and have a salad right then and there. So I bought a bottle of that. We also sampled an excellent olive oil dipping sauce. You know how when you taste these you're never quite sure what you will get? maybe too garlicky? or too oniony? Or too peppery? This tasted green! of springtime!

We came home by Publix to pick up about three BOGOs and ended up buying a lot more. We didn't buy anything we didn't need, but...really!

I had a quiet night at home, but James has been prowling like a tiger all night for something to do. I finally gave him "Bookworm" to install on his computer. I've found The Last Unicorn on Netflix.

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