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» Friday, July 01, 2016
Work and Play

Not one more Friday off without something useful getting done! So I donned my most tattered duster to work in and scrubbed all the floors upstairs, cleaned both upstairs toilets, wiped off the sinks countertops in the master bath, put up the huge bag of toilet paper we bought, and tried to clean up the constantly overflowing odd papers that seem to always be around. This after breakfast and dog walking.

By then it was after noon, so I decided to go out and enjoy myself a little. I stopped by the Smyrna library to check out the perpetual book sale. All I picked up was a John Ringo book for James. Then I went by Barnes & Noble. Was excited to see that Bonnie MacBird's Sherlock Holmes novel Art in the Blood was out in paperback, but was disappointed to find that the illustrations that she showed us at 221B Con were not included. (Found out later the illustrations are only in the deluxe edition. Rats.) Also noted that The Secret Life of Pets posable action figures don't include the budgie. Well, grump!

Had one last stop: Michaels, to buy a set of calligraphy pens, but by then it was after two and I was starving. So not to spend a lot of money I bought a grilled cheese sandwich at the QT gas station's new "Kitchen." Employees at the QT were great; sandwich sat on my stomach for hours afterwards. Wish Cumberland Mall had the teriyaki skewers like at Town Center Mall. A little chicken would have hit the spot.

When I got home I walked Tucker again, and that was a bad idea, because fifteen minutes out in the heat creamed me. I tried watching Lassie, but after one episode gave up completely, swigged some water and ibuprofin, and fell asleep until James came home.

For supper we went to the West Cobb Diner. The sandwich was still making me sick so I basically ate my salad and about a quarter of my entree. I have enough turkey and dressing left over for two lunches. Then we went to the West Cobb Barnes & Noble, where I picked up something I hadn't seen at Akers Mill: the new "Just Cross Stitch." It's already time for the Christmas ornament preview!

On the way home we stopped for ice cream.

Once again had to practically drag the poor dog down the stairs. Ever since the firecrackers started up earlier in the week he does not want to go out in the dark. Unfortunately that means he's leaving little "gifts" and wet spots on the carpet, and we are running out of Urine Gone and Bed, Bath & Beyond hardly stocks it anymore.

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